Tuesday, October 16

Airbrushes.com Launches the "NEO Air for Iwata" compressor

Travelling? Just beginning as an airbrush “experten”? or maybe looking for a pressie for the young–un at Christmas maybe you need a basic compressor to suit your new NEO airbrush? Well Airbrushes.com has a small, light and easily transportable compressor which looks right down your street – read about their new "NEO Air for Iwata" compressor.

This week Airbrushes.com are launching their light-duty, portable, budget compressor, the "NEO Air for Iwata" compressor.
At only £99, it is the first Iwata compressor under £100. It has 3 speeds, with top-speed producing up to 0.37 CFM. Operating pressure is up to 15 psi - perfect for low pressure applications such as art, crafts, cakes, models, body art, nail art or tanning. The AC adapter is 110v - 240v so this is our only compressor that can be used in 110v countries without any compatibility issues. 

The NEO Air compressor has a standard 1 year warranty, like all other Iwata compressors. As a feature this airbrush has an auto shut off after ten minutes of continuous use so it will not get too hot, and best works at low pressures. To learn more about the NEO Air follow this link for more info.
This small air source is the perfect companion to the "NEO for Iwata" airbrushes they launched about this time last year, which are the only budget airbrushes to have a 5 year warranty. These airbrushes are simple to use and make a great companion to the NEO air.
Either for beginners or people wanting to get their airbrushing done as efficiently as possible these simple but very effective airbrushing tools look very good! 

Along with all the paints and airbrushing accesories you need, the NEO Air is availbale now at Airbrushes.com