Friday, October 26

Euro Militaire 2012 Pt. V – Two completely different types of "mounted" figure galleries….

We don't really see many mounted figures in the modelling world – mounted on flat frames that is! We love this type of “flat” modelling style which although looking hard to pull off I was assured it is a simple and fun way to model – we have included this along with all of the mounted figures we saw at the world’s leading modelling show held every year in England – the world famous Euro Militaire show!
Euro Militaire 2012, 22nd-23rd September
Here we at The Modelling News we thought we would treat you to all that we saw in several parts at the Euro Militaire Modelling show in Folkestone southern England.
One of if not arguably the best modelling show of it’s kind in the world we were able to attend and take lots of pictures of many of the categories – we thought we would show you the Flat figures and the horse mounted figures we saw that impressed us very much….And please let it be known we like BOTH types of mounted figures as much equally!

First the Riding type....
Secondly the flat mounted type....