Tuesday, October 23

KFS Miniatures bolster US troop numbers….

 KFS miniatures continues to impress us with their second release after their ridiculously large rocket pods that sit on your truck or SUV – their latest figure is a US Soldier (modern) in 1/16th scale – we have the images and pictures of the kit unconstructed as well in our preview..

KFS miniatures Releases October 2012

KFS miniatures has sculpted and released a new 120mm (1/16) figure of U.S. soldier on to the market - Sculpted by the talented Kamil – this figure was inspired by some images found in the Web of several different US soldiers “in theatre”

Here is the soldier in development phase (the master)…
The set contains one unbuilt and unpainted 120mm (1/16) resin figure. Sold with no base, the figure has however some great detail – His arms carry his highly modified M4 carbine and come of course separate from his torso and legs which are heavily weighed down with his regular equipment for battle as well as spare ammo, water, large helmet with separate goggles and pistol in his hip holster – this GI is ready for pretty much anything!

The resin pieces unpainted….
And fully painted here by the very talented Przemyslaw Szymczyk - 
this kit is now available..
Price: $27 + $10 shipping
Order proceeding time: 7 days