Wednesday, October 10

“Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” by Diego Fortes - a one in a hundred preview

Miniature Fortes have released their new strictly limited figure in 1/24th scale – a figure called “Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” we give you a quick preview so you can see it before it gets sold out!
Diego F. Fortes has been for a long time a well-known sculptor for commissions and collectors who are lucky enough to have their hands on one of his creations – well now he has his own Artisan project – selling very limited amounts of figures of the lucky few enough to be quick to snap them up – His new venture is called Miniatures Fortes

Diego's new company will follow his own tastes as a model maker and will usually be in 1/24th scale. Diego’s second figure is limited to 100 only to be made so they should go like hotcakes!

“Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” - The figure unpainted 
Working as an artisan Diego will control the whole project - sculpting the original, the castings, and the box art and taking the pictures for the box art.  “Officier De Grenadiers En Surtout, 1808” is based on a great article published in the journal “Figurines No 27: L'Infanterie de ligne du Premier Empire, 2 partie.” and shows in great detail an Officer of the Grenadiers in the french army of 1808 - amazing detail of the helmet and the coat tails especially really make this figure look pretty amazing. The detail is second to none.

This is the second figure after Diego’s first resin figure of a
Waffen SS officer in Normandy,1944 (still some left guys) which is also in 1/24th scale  - this second kit however will be limited to only 100 numbered copies and no more. These copies will be sold through EBay only.

Here are pictures of the finished painted figure
Diego intends to keep the prices as low as possible, keeping in mind that is an artisan product. Here is the link to Diego’s short run sale – the figure goes for € 30.00 + €4 P&P so he is keeping his price promise... And here is the link to Diego’s blog for more info on the man and his work.

Get in there quick if you like the sculpt!!

The link on eBay for the kit is here