Thursday, November 22

A Starfire thing - our build of the F-94C Pt.III

Our 1/48th Kittyhawk F-94C Starfire build with our man Eth at the desk  is nearly finished – we thought now would be a good time to present you with the part of the build that involve choosing colours and decalling .

Part III

Usually at this stage in the build we are faced with a plethora of decals, usually around the 200 mark if we are doing a modern jet, as an example the Revel 1/48th Typhoon has over 200 decals if you choose to use them all. However in the case of the Starfire the decal count is much, much lower.
There are two decal options for the Starfire, one in bright red and one in blue and white, the bright red option was the one chosen.  All of the decals are printed in good register and, as I was to find out, work very well with Micro set and Sol setting solutions.
My usual way of working with decals is to place the largest ones first and finish with the smallest. The national insignias went on well as did the large “USAF” decals, so far so good
The main area of concern with these decals was the large “U S Air Force” decal that went on both sides of the fuselage. Large decals are always problematic, no matter who produces them, however this time i was in for a pleasant surprise.
Using plenty of setting solution the decal was teased into place using a blunt paint brush handle and some cocktail sticks. Despite the trepidation i had felt before applying the decal there were no problems other than making sure it was straight.
After the fuselage decal the tail decal was a breeze again the only issue being lining it up correctly. After the large decals were all in place it was time to turn to the smaller decals, and here there was an issue.
According to the instructions there should be two decals (number 23) that go in the area indicated in the above photograph, one for each wing. Although the instructions clearly show the decals and their number there is nowhere on the decal sheet for these decals to fit. Obviously they have been missed out altogether from the decal sheet. Fortunately this is an easy fix but one that would have to wait until all the decals were on and a protective coat of varnish was sprayed to protect the decals.
These are the sort of decals i like, the large ones went on without any issues and with only a few small ones they did not drive me mad trying to work out where they went and which way up.
So with all the decals taken care of the Starfire received two coats of varnish and then was set aside for 48 hours before the final assembly could begin and the missing decals were dealt with.


Keep checking back to see what this little kit turned out like – it looks quite promising!

Kittyhawk sells this kit through their distributors worldwide…thanks to them for this kit.