Tuesday, November 27

Andrea Miniatures latest - Dont go running around like a headless chicken this Christmas!

Andrea Miniatures gets into the festive spirit – with a Samurai, a gunfight at the OK Corral and Santa pops in as well in this December’s releases…

Andréa Miniatures December New Releases


Material: Metal
Scale: 54 mm 1/32
It seems someone has rumbled Santa! Our canine best friend isn’t acting like it in this Vignette – and it seem the tempting treat that’s being offered in exchange isn’t working either!!
This set comes with parts for the base, ladder, presents and of course Santa and his best mate. The kit can come in unpainted and a painted form as seen here by Diego Ruina.

Material: Metal
This Bare-legged bodyguard seems to not be one to lose his head!  Seen in full battle armour ( apart from his pants it seems) he is carrying his long pike/sword and also the head of a vanquished enemy.
The Samurai’s helmet and armour look resplendent painted up here and one can only guess why he is still hanging on to that old head – If you would like to paint your own of course the kit comes in Painted and unpainted versions.

Black Hawk Series
The Black Hawk series is a set of figures that come pre-painted to make into a large diorama. It seems someone has been watching the new series of the Hatfield’s & McCoy’s – as this new collection of figures features all of the players in the famous “OK Corral” shoot-out scene so popular with western fans – they have even made a short video of it…

Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale

FW-0302 HIT! 
Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale

 FW-0303 TAKE THIS                       

 Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale
32.50€ /41.00$         
FW-0304 BLAZE AWAY                       

Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale
37.50€ /47.00$         

FW-0305 I’M HIT                          

Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale


Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale
32. 50€ /41. 00$        


Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale
35. 00€ / $44. 00     


Material: Metal
54MM 1/32nd Scale
 35. 00€ /$ 44.00

See much more in their two main websites:

November releases from Andrea Miniatures

Scale: 54mm
Material: White metal
Sculpted by: Miniaturas Andrea
Painted by: Julio Cabos

This figure in 54mm (1/32scale) shows a scene of the battle for Zama in 202 BC. This is the last battle in the Carthaginian War in which Scipio Africanus beat the forces of the terror of ancient Rome the General Hannibal.

The Romans used the strength of Hannibal’s elephants against his own army – the Romans startled them with horns and flame spikes and arrows – some of these large beasts turned and fled into their own ranks – allowing the roman cavalry to attack from the sides and therefore causing the mercenary army of Hannibal to be broken and flee. This ended the Punic Wars and Carthage as a world power.

This figure shows a massive elephant of Carthage – the beasts four riders are leaping out as a brave Roman spearman goes under the beast to spear it n the underside. This sculpt shows amazing detail and can be bought painted or unpainted – the picture here show the master Julio Cabos’ work here to good effect

Scale: 80mm
Material: White metal
Sculpted by: Nelya Vitvitska
Painted by: Julio Cabos

This lovely lady – number 27 in the “Pin Up” series is sculpted by Nelya Vitvitska and in the painted figure instance again by the talented hand of the master Julio Cabos. The figure itself is sold as a painted or unassembled unpainted kit – your choice

I would assume most of us would want to get out hands on her and do it ourselves! The lady in question has been “caught” by some prickly flora – this is a great representation of well-done Pin-Up art in the style of Vargas and others - and I for one love it!

All of these figures are now available from the Andrea Miniatures site and from your local hobby dealer (the good ones that is)
Previous news from Andrea Miniatures...

On our recent trip to Euro Militaire we were treated to a Masterclass by none other than the legendary Julio Cabos who gathered quite a crowd giving lessons on figure painting – we felt really privileged to be able to watch this master at work – we also loved to see some of Andrea Miniatures figures painted and on display at the event – including some very large versions of figures we know well.. Did I forget to mention Andrea Miniatures have some great new figures coming out this month?

Andrea Miniatures At the Euro on Display
Some fo the figures painted by Julio and others from Andrea were on display at the show...

October releases from Andrea Miniatures
1/32 Scale U.S. Cavalry Officer, 1876 (SG-F154)
Scale: 54 mm
Material: metal
U.S. Cavalry Captain
S14-F0354 mm
 The pre painted Black Hawk range of figures has many updates this moth as well - all of these figures are in 54m scale and come ready to display:
Mother Feeding Baby (FW-0205)
Material: metal
 Tepee (FW-0206)
Material: metal + resin
Old Squaw ((FW-0207)
Material: metal
Village Accessories (FW-0208)
Material: metal
 Buffalo Hunt (FW-0209)
Material: metal + resin
Indian Dancer (FW-0212)
Material: metal
 Sun Dance (FW-0216)
Material: metal

All of these figures are now available from the Andrea Miniatures site and from your local hobby dealer (the good ones that is)

July Releases from Andrea Miniatures
Built in ten parts of lusciously sculpted white metal this figure of a real charmer (punTM.)   is pretty neat – Sculpted as usual of many of Andrea Miniatures figures by the very sharp eyed Nelya Vitvitska  and in this instance painted by the no less talented Julio Cabos.
Sculpted in 80MM -1/22scale (and not much else) this lil’ lass tries her hand at an Indian rope trick. She is in classic looking 50’s negligee as she sits there in her towel while she performs her trick
The figure comes in painted and unpainted flavours and if this is what you get painted I may be tempted. The pillow and the basket are of course supplied and I had better leave it at that before I say too much more – it is a great looking figure though!

This figure of the soon to be most important man in Rome celebrates his victories over the Gauls in 52BC – this was the year the romans defeated Gauls led by Vercingetorix at the Battle of Alesia, thus breaking the back of the Gallic insurrection. The final pacification of Gaul became complete the following year.
5 white metal casting parts for assembly and painting are the kit’s contents – in 54MM(1/32) this tiny figure comes painted or unpainted in it’s original form.
Sculpted by Joaquín Palacios and in this case painted by Elías Alonso this figure looks great in the way Joaquin has sculpted the drapes on Caesars body and his elaborate gladius – his short stabbing sword.

Both of these figures are now available from the Andrea Miniatures site and from your local hobby dealer (the good ones)


June Releases from Andrea Miniatures

Andrea Miniatures has a book coming out: (AP-044I) “Inside the Allgemeine SS: 1925-1945”the most significant collection of Allgemeine-SS artifacts ever assembled in one box - By Ulric of England
Hardback deluxe edition - Size 8x12 inch
More than 400 pages
More than 1800 rarely seen photographs 

Price is $95 USD - and available now

This white metal figure in 1/24(75MM) scale is the fourth in Andréa Miniature’s “Samurai” series” – in this case the metal was sculpted by Nelya Vitviska
Of course you can get this sculpture painted as well and this particular one was brought to life by master painter Julio Cabos. He has done a great job on making the Ronin look lifelike in 1/24th scale, his long spear and Katana look impressive as does his facial expressions and muscle tone especially.

In white metal this figure was sculpted by Joaquín Palacios in 1/32(65MM) scale

The Firereach Commander is part of the “Dark Nova” series of figures tilted at science fiction and war gaming fans – though most fellas I met like the “figure” without knowing the story behind her.
This figure was painted here by Elias Alonso who has done a great job of rendering the scale effect in colour and shading. This will certainly be a good seller.

Till next month keep an eye on their site for more news or just check back here – well keep you updated!

April Releases from Andrea Miniatures

The latest figures from Andrea Miniatures feature some of our favourite sculptors and some popular genres - we have some information and better still some lovely pictures to illustrate their latest releases...

This Cavalry officer from 1876 is shown on his steed and reigning him in as he fires at his target with his trusty six-shooter - the figure is available painted or unpainted - the figure here has been painted by  the very talented Julio Cabos
This figure - sculpted by Joaquin Palaciosis in 54mm (1/32 scale)  consists of 23 white metal casting parts for assembly and painting. To buy this kit unpainted 46€ and painted is 275€ (+VAT and Shipment Cost)

"Two Generations" from the Vikings series of sculptured figures in 54mm (1/32 scale) and in this instance are painted by painted by Julio Cabos, and sculpted by Joaquin Palacios and Raul Fernandez

If only all younger kids were interested in modelling like this!! It seem these were those good old days that every modeller talks about when they were a child :-) The look on this kid in the sculpt is priceless

This figure is sold likewise painted (280 €) and unpainted in raw kit form for Kit 42€. 

Both of these kits are available now from the Andrea Miniatures site

March Releases from Andrea Miniatures
The Ashigaru were the foot-borne soldiers of the who fought for their Samurai in feudal Japan against the Mongol invasion and indeed each other's clans to gain superiority  and power in the middle ages. This soldier is a figure in the Samurai series from Andrea Miniatures
S15-F03, ASHIGARU C. 1600
Sculpted by Ángel Terol in White metal this 75mm figure is painted in this instance by the very talented Julio Cabos who show this warrior with his Nagana and layered extremely tough armour. His armour is less ornate than his master the samurai who's land they probably lived on and worked when not in military service. These soldiers were Japan's first attempt at the foot solider.

Part of the famous - and need I say very popular PYN-UP series from Andrea Miniatures is this the latest of their series number 25 which will be released soon.

Bottoms up!
 PIN-UP 25 is made in 80mm white metal and painted by Nelya Vitvitska - who I must say has a great eye for detail! Julio Cabos has painted this beauty so very lifelike it looks like an old picture from a 50's magazine - excellent ring-tone!
These figures will be available soon from the Andrea Miniatures site