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October/November 2012 New items from Verlinden

Verlinden Productions have sent information and pictures of their products to be released in This month  2012 – Including some much needed 1/32 airfield dioramas and some well-crafted figure – and what monthly new collection would be complete without a stowage and accessory set???

Verlinden Productions new items for October/November 2012.

2748 1:35 Scale SWS Ammo - Crew - Stowage $32.95
To suit the tracked Nebelwerfer carrier Verlinden supplies two troopers clad in warm weather reversible parkas. They are both carrying the ammo for the vehicle’s main armament and one of the soldiers is crouched loading the rocket into the cylinder.

Apart from the soldiers in this pack you get pretty much anything you would need to kit out your diorama. Spare rockets inside and outside their ammo carrying cases as well as many canvas swags and stowage bags are included – Personal weapons for the whole crew are included, with MP40’s to rifles, an MG 34 machine gun and even a pair of Panzershrek anti-tank rockets are included as well!

Not only these items – but “Jerry”cans, ammo boxes for the personal equipment, gas canister cases, mines, pistols in their holsters, backpacks, mess-containers, bread bags and canteens are also included in the swag of extra diorama accessories that will “fill out” your scene

2749 120mm Recon Vietnam $24.95

This hard-core looking special forces soldier from the Vietnam era is cast in 120mm and is very lifelike in his features – Armed only lightly with a specially sighted ( with a flash suppressor?) M-4 carbine, torch on his chest – a grenade and some tinted goggles on his face he certainly looks like is not hanging around for the duration.

Complimented by his light service cap and light battledress and long laved up boots this soldier looks like he needs to be unobstructed on his covert jungle mission.

2750 1:32 Scale Floodlight - Generator Cart Airbase $34.95 (one cart in box)

In service this is called a NF-2D Portable Floodlight Set – These are deployed at USAF and world-wide airports and provide light in the areas of the tarmac that regular lighting cannot access – and are also used to get inside heard to light areas to help with maintenance etc. We have shown both ways of displaying here - only one cart per box is included)

2751 1:32 Scale Generator - Gas Turbine EPU Airbase $36.95

This is the Airforce’s version of the Generator/ Gas turbine EPU unit. It is used to supply electrical AC/DC power to the aircraft whilst on the runway whilst the gas turbine is used to crank the jet engine.

2752 1:35 Scale Fallschirmjäger at Casino Vignette $34.95

What set of releases wouldn't have some SS or Fallschirmjägers in them? After all we all buy them! Well Verlinden keeps our interest by supplying this set of two German paratroopers from the Italian fortress of Monte Casino – a battlefield they are famous for defending in WWII.

This set not only features the two Airforce soldiers but also the small base complete with a column that the soldiers are fighting on – this is a complete vignette in itself. A one stop shop if you like. It is nice to see the figures relating to the surfaces they are placed on in this resin pack

Go to the Verlinden website at  to view their full line of products and while you are at it check out "VP's" Facebook page and you will see many of their new kits in production being constructed and in their infancy... Or keep looking back here for the news on Next month's items...

October 2012 New items from Verlinden Productions.

The Much loved Corsair in 1/32 came from trumpeter and was a hit with the modelling fans straight away. The internal details though remain “Basic” It then came to aftermarket guys to improve on the left and right avionics bay.

This for the “D” USAF version of the Corsair II and the nose has a lovely surprise in having the complete radar dome section so you can display the nose cone open under maintenance. It certainly looks promising!

Again the Trumpeter kit in 1/32 gets a welcome reworking as the resin seat instrument panels and side consoles are detailed up magnificently in cream resin.
The front and rear inside of the canopy is detailed along with the excellent HUD frames which will make the poor old donor kit look pretty basic.
The whole resin shell sits neatly inside the cockpit and the whole shell of the kit and the rear frame sits inside the canopy as well – a great looking and finely detailed set which makes some of the others look average and the kit look very basic – Looking good!

This figure of an airman in the USAF in the Vietnam era looks ready to take on the enemy without the chopper! He wears of course his flight helmet and bullet proof flak jacket.

He carries on his belt a smoke grenade/canister as well as a frag and some spare ammo in a pouch with a water canteen. The airman also is wearing long boots with his combat pants tucked into them with a holster for the Colt.45 which he carries in his hand in this sculpt in cream resin.

This resin set is to deal up your excellent little Hilux pick up from Meng. Included primarily are two “freedom fighters” one whom is firing an RPG!!
There is a big Russian made AA gun and ammunition in boxes, four AK-47’s from two different countries of manufacture which suits the setting of getting them from wherever you can – There are stowage packs and swags of different origins as well as several “jerry” cans for petrol or water storage and even a gas canister and a sleeping swag, a pot and even a little “boom box”
This set can be used for modern day or even an earlier setting diorama such as The Russo Afghanistan war when the Taliban were out “friends” (check the end credits for Rambo III.)

Another excellent set made in resin to suit the German Pak 75 Anti-Tank gun, this set consists of a loader and a commander who is pointing at where the action is – both are dressed in winter gear and have protective gloves and clothing on to keep them safe from “General Winter”
To help then in their fight this resin pack also comprises of several ammo crates and spent and fresh ammo out of the boxes. Packs and sleeping rolls are included as are several personal equipment items like gas mask canisters, map packs, bread bags, canteens and cups, a mess tin and some weapons for self-protection (or decoration) – two MP40’s and a soviet PPsh41..

Go to the Verlinden website at  to view their full line of products and while you are at it check out "VP's" Facebook page and you will see many of their new kits in production being constructed and in their infancy... Also keep looking back here for the news on Next month's items...

Verlinden Productions new items for September 2012.

 2738 1:35 scale Cable Reels $32.95
These cable reels look to be just the thing for an industrial diorama – for a city landscape  strewn with debris to a factory in Stalingrad to an a ruined airfield in Italy – this large cable reel looks to be an interesting add on to your scene.
Supplied in a package that contains three different sized drums in cream resin as well as a frame to rollout your cable – well all you need now IS the cable!

2739 1:35 scale Duster Crew Ammo Stowage $32.95
To suit the new AFV Club’s M-46 kit – this combines with Verlinden’s 2740 “duster interior” kit to bring much needed detail to your American twin barrelled mobile tank.
The resin parts include of course lots and lots of ammunition - shells and full rounds, with containers to place them in along with two crew members and all of their personal gear.

These tankers have their duffel bags, personal equipment and packs included, along with their side arms and pack equipment, cooking gear and storage boxes  – we have the gunner’s position sorted out for our Duster -  now all we need is a kit for the inside of the tank…

2740 1:35 scale Duster Interior (Driver's) $29.95
Well now we have an internal kit for just that! The driver’s compartment here is reproduced in cream resin. You get part of the engine and rear suspension along with the driver’s controls and seats.
Internally this can all be seen of the rear doors are open, and this would now encourage modellers to do this with their kits – what a way to make your kit stand out from the crowd on the modelling table!

2741 1:35 scale T55 Turret Point Blank $28.95
Verlinden likes these!  This is another point-blank turret to have on your firing range to either add to your others in this series or to add to your diorama or battlefield scene. You could imagine this with victorious Israeli soldiers standing on top of it getting their picture taken.

2742 1:32 scale Luftwaffe Fuel Drum Trailer $31.95
To top off this month’s releases we have a great addition to their Luftwaffe airfield scene in the addition to their catalogue of this nifty little trailer that carries fuel drums out to the aircraft – now all we need is a horse to pull it to your  Me 262!
This kit in cream resin contains four drums with the German writing on them identifying them as Luftwaffe stock as well as the trailer that carries them – I suppose you could use them in any European airfield diorama of the time – a German or captured base being used by the allies. This will be very popular and we will build one for you very soon.

Go to the Verlinden website at  to view their full line of products and while you are at it check out "VP's" Facebook page and you will see many of their new kits in production being constructed and in their infancy... Also keep looking back here for the news on Next month's items...

Verlinden Productions products for August
 Kit 2733 - British Infantryman of the Zulu War - 120mm - $26.95
This redcoat British “Soldier of the line” carries his famous scarlet colours and blue serge pants. Feverishly reloading his rifle the bearded soldier has all of the right things in the right place in this 1200mm sculpt. From the buff coloured (off white) webbing and white Foreign Service pointed helmet to the blue pants with red stripes down either side to the expression on his face he is well sculpted. There is no “long face” on this sculpture!!
The serviceman is taking a bullet from his pouch to place in his Martini-Henri rifle which was the difference between the soldiers and certain death in the Zulu Wars.

Kit 2734 - M21 Mortar Stowage + Ammo + Crew - 1:35 - $29.95

These two G.I.’s accompany this M21 Mortar halftrack (not supplied here) but what is supplied is pretty much all of the ammo, stowage and things this car could carry! Included in this kit is a large .50 Cal machine gun, ammo crates and shells to go inside – or outside them, backpacks and personals along with tarps rolled up and “jerry” cans along with duffel bags, mines, binoculars, flasks and a tool box. Couldn’t fit much more in the M21 really!

Kit 2735 - M24 Chaffee Interior (Bronco kit) - 1:35 - $34.95

This kit contains the entire forward interior of this tank includes everything you would see inside the tank. Front drives as well as all of the controls for the tank and crew seating and internal instruments are all there.
This set compliments the earlier stowage and engine kits. Well now you have no excuse for not turning out a top class Bronco kit of the M24 Chaffee!

Kit 2736 - 15cm Nebelwerfer Ammo + Crew + Gear - 1:35 - $26.95

Including everything you see here except for the Nebelwerfer! The ammo for this noisy rocket launcher is there as well as the circular container that the projectiles travelled safely in.
Included as well in this kit are two artillerymen wrapped up in winter parkas (with mittens - so cute) Jerry cans, a large mess tin and the soldier’s personal equipment like gas mask canisters, bread bags and a KAR.98 rifle, a large binocular case plus a couple of Panzerfäuste (plural).

Kit 2737 - Airbase / Carrier Used Oil Carts - 1:32 - $29.95

What a great addition to your late WWII cold war air base!  This kit looks like you could use it in one or several dioramas depending on the colour or dispersal of the carts.This is an expansion and maybe a slight modernizing of their earlier pair of the WWII carts but could be used on pretty much any base diorama from WWII onward. The set contains a large four wheeled fuel/oil cart with a smaller cart with space on-board for the smaller barrels and bins, two fire extinguishers and three tool boxes.
Perfect for a refuelling diorama at a busy airbase!
Go to the Verlinden website at  to view their full line of products and while you are at it check out "VP's" facebook page and you will see many of their new kits in production being constructed and in their infancy.. Also keep looking back here for the news on  Next month's items..

Verlinden Production's products for July

This light tank was used from the Second World War right through till the Vietnam War – the set here comprises a full engine and the process from start to finish is seen on Verlinden’s Facebook page, there is a lot of detail there in this Twin Cadillac Series 44T24; 16 cylinder (8/engine) 4 cycle, 90º vee gasoline engine!

These metal etched jungle pants should pretty up your diorama, they are meant to be painted and bent to whatever shape you need – they would go well with a detailed up “Chaffee” or M113 in a Vietnam Diorama don't you think?

The only departure from the after-war years this month from Verlinden. This superbly detailed panther turret looks like it has had a fair few target shots laid on it, the resin comes with pre rendered damage. Included are some battered road wheels and running gear along with a discarded cargo box all blown up accordingly!

An interior for the Academy kit from this Vietnam era AFV. This is a very detailed kit showing the engine, interior walls and crews’ compartments and controls. Again as Verlinden have shown on their Facebook page this is an incredibly good looking interior once finished in your model.

Everything you need to deck out your M24 is here in this kit – including crew figures - this set includes frontal armour (sandbags), a .50cal machine gun and shells for the main gun as well as ammo crates to be stowed inside the vehicle. There are “personals” in the shape of duffel bags, sleeping kits and other sacks and bags. Not much room left in this vehicle after all this goes in!
All of these new releases are available now on Verlinden’s homepage.


Verlinden's previews for June 2012

Resin parts - the super Sherman’s new detail set from Verlinden includes a large .50 calibre machine gun and both high explosive and HEAT rounds for the Sherman. 
 Three crew are included in half bodied resin and their equipment is also supplied in a large number of canvas bags, a tool box and several smaller calibre ammo cases.

To match with your US Navy aircraft like the new Zoukei-Mura Skyraider Verlinden have made two new carts for your 1/32 scale carrier deck. Included here are both a nitrogen container carrier and a utility carrier here for just about everything else needed on a carrier deck. Made from resin.
To suit the new dragon kit this resin set comprises everything you would expect to see on the AA vehicle’s open deck (and a bit more) As well as a nervous pair of AA gunners scanning the sky – along with binoculars and the other pointing  upwards towards a protagonist you also get all of the ammunition for the  3.7mm Flak gun you can scatter there are personal weapons like an MP-40 and KAR 97 rifle and two Panzerfausts.
Also of the diorama there are included metal mess tins, “jerry” cans and sleeping rolls. All of the soldier’s personal equipment is included: Map cases, bread bags, water canteens, pistols in their holsters and gas canisters.

    2726 1:35 German Light Mortar Crew $16.95
This combination – made from resin - of two mortar men, both holding the light mortar in a prone firing position while the loader rapidly feeds the barrel. The loader has a backpack which would hold the ammunition on his back and both of the soldiers carry all of the usual webbing and personal equipment.

    2727 1:35 Point Blank T 72 Turret ( Tamiya )                         $26.95
Another target practice turret scarred with many hits and looking the worse for wear – made from resin this turret has a suitably weathered looking appearance with lots of modelling potential.

Please go to Verlinden’s website at or click on the link below to view their full line of products.

Verlinden's previews for April 2012 
This set contains 50 detailed resin stowage items and a pair of crew figures to dress up any M1151 in 1:35 scale. One crew member is injured and seated while the other stands and is in good health. $29.95
This is a resin replacement turret with battle damage designed to simplify making a KO T-34/85. $21.95

This kit contains 13 detailed resin parts to assemble one USN Electric Power Cart for servicing aircraft on carriers. Also included are a pair of wheel chocks,  a hard case, toolbox, a pair of fire extinguishers and ammo boxes (handy containers on carrier decks). $31.95

This is a stowage/loot set for any modern conflict. It includes over 20 detailed resin pieces to decorate any modern AFV or diorama, including hard suitcases, camera bag, rolled carpets, flip-flops, hookah, gas cylinder, cooking pot, laptop computer, TV, dufflebags,  mattress, water cooler, and more. $19.95

This is an all-new resin engine compartment for the Tamiya T-72.  Simple modification of the Tamiya kit allows over 60 detailed resin parts to be assembled & installed to create the most realistic T-72 engine compartment available to date in any scale.  This engine is currently on the Verlinden Facebook page in it's construction phases for you to look at.
Also included are corrected replacement engine decks, which addresses a flaw on the Tamiya kit that has annoyed some modellers.  Also see VP # 781 T-72 Update Set, #2333 T-72 Upper Hull, and #2339 T-72 Turret. $39.95

Please go to Verlinden’s website at or click on the link below to view their full line of products.


Verlinden News January 2012 
Verlinden Productions have released more information on their products to be released in March 2012 - they have some interesting stuff for lots of different modellers - from a classical Greek slinger to carrier flight deck tractors, milling machines ammo cases and gear for your Marder. Lets have a look closer at them

27081:35 Panzerwerk Milling Machine $22.95
 This is a resin kit of a machine shop milling machine in 1:35. It can be assembled to be displayed in various working positions.

2709 1:32 Flight Deck 'Mule' Hot Air Tractor $36.95
 This is the third kit of our Mule tractor in 1:32, featuring the extended rear bustle for hot air applications. Stainless steel PE stencil included for markings.

2710       1:35        SIG 33 Ammo/Cases       $14.95
 This is a resin set of ammo projectiles, propellants, and cases for the German SIG 33.

2711 120mm Greek Slinger  $26.95
 This is a 1/16 scale (120mm) all resin Greek slinger. He wears a trimmed smock and sandals, and carries a bag for his projectiles as he prepares to unleash his sling onto his target. Resin groundwork base is included.

2712 1:35 Marder III Crew - Ammo - Stowage  $32.95
 This is a resin set designed to dress up any 1:35 Marder III. Included are detailed crew, ammunition, and various German AFV and figure stowage items.

Verlinden News January 2012
This is an all-resin set of parts designed to depict a Tiger I with zimmerit in battle damage model. Ideal to depict a beat up or knocked out tiger tank. Also a good “cheat” if you do not want to apply Zimmerit yourself!!

This is a resin replacement turret for depicting a knocked out Sherman turret. I bet lots of people have these on a diorama don’t they? Well now you have an even better excuse to show a Sherman knocked out or beaten up!

This is a pair of detailed resin turrets with realistic shell impact craters, making more dramatic diorama possibilities available without a fuss. These beaten up turrets would look great with a few soldiers waving a victory flag on top of them don’t you think???

This is an all resin stowage and crew set for your favourite WWII US Jeep.  Happy 2700 Verlinden!  This set includes two soldiers, a .50 and a .30 Cal MG plus entrenching tools, picks an axe, canvas and Jerry cans. You couldn’t fit much more in could you??
This two-figure set consists of a kneeling German soldier armed with the infamous MG42 and another German soldier is hunched over carrying an MP40. Both wear the reversible winter camo smocks & fatigues with mittens.

This is an all resin set of accessories for modern US aircraft carrier decks. A pair of tow bars, 2 pairs of tow chocks, a rolling tool chest, fire extinguishers, ammo boxes (handy stowage containers), various cans & buckets, and more.

All of this is available from Verlinden directly or from their worldwide distributors in January (hopefully earlier if we are lucky)

2703: 120mm British Commando WWII $29.95
This is a figure of a British Commando armed with an Enfield rifle, large rucksack, and grenades in 120mm (1/16) scale.

Here is a nice collection of various detailed resin parts to dress up any USAAF diorama or display base in 1:32 scale. Parts include aluminum and paper drop tanks, ammo boxes, .50 cal machine guns & ammo belts, a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine with supercharger, oil drums, oil drum garbage can, fire extinguishers, and various small cans.

This is a resin Panzernest that has been knocked out by intensive shelling, and makes a great accessory or focal point in dioramas. Not interior is included.

This all-resin set contains parts to assemble two detailed USAAF carts in 1:32 scale. They share common chassis and suspension, but one is a compressor while the other holds an oil/fuel drum horizontally. Excellent for dioramas and aircraft display bases.

This is a very useful resin set to dress up the Dragon Grille kit. It includes extra ammo, ammo boxes, two crew members handling ammo, and various German AFV and figure stowage items.

Please go to Their website at to view our full line of products.

December Verlinden goodies...
PhotobucketEach month Verlinden Productions releases a new set of accessories – dioramas and add ons to make your vignette complete – their releases for December are no exception to the quality and detail you have come to expect from them - Check out Their new releases for December 2011 at the link below..

This is a re-release of a classic VP set. The emblems add an excellent decorative flair to any German WWII model display base.

This all resin set features a pair of children sitting on a large work horse and their father standing nearby.

This is another useful item for making factory dioramas. The kit contains lengths of Evergreen Scale Models 'H' beams and strip, and an assortment of resin parts to assemble a simple bridge crane.
This is an all resin kit of an A/S32A-32 Spotting dolly as found on modern US aircraft carriers. Copper wire and flex tubing are included.

This is an all resin set that is loaded with a full complement of stowage, ammo, and a pair of crew members all in one to dress up your Dragon M16 kit.

This is an all resin set containing a full load of stowage and a British officer to dress up the MiniArt Dingo kits.

Please go to our Verlinden’s website at or click on the link below to view their full line of products.
Verlinden new releases for November 2011
2685       1:35        German Tankers Road Map         $16.95
This is a two-figure resin set depicting a pair of German tankers examining a map together. One wears a black leather jacket and officer's cap and the other wears a standard German camouflage uniform and soft cap.

2686       1:35        Panzerwerk Engine Hoist + Tiger I Engine            $34.95
This is a resin kit of a German heavy engine hoist from WWII. It comes with a fully detailed and disassembled resin Tiger I Maybach engine. Perfect for dioramas!

2687       1:35        M3 15mm Gun Carriage Ammo - Stowage - Crew              $34.95
This resin set contains everything you need to spice up that Dragon M3 kit: Full stowage, ammo, and a pair of crew members all in one!

2688       1:35        Johnny on the Spot Iraq - Afghanistan   $32.95
This is a resin kit of the ubiquitous portable toilet, found in combat zones, construction sites, ball games, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere. Easy to paint & assemble, great for modern dioramas! Smell not included ;)
 Here it is after an "explosion"  i think the saying was "i only told you to blow the doors off"

2689       1:35        105 mm NATO Tank Ammo          $14.95
This is a re-issue of the classic VP set. It contains 7 shells, 4 spent cartridges, 5 protective cardboard sleeves, 2 open ammo crates, and 2 closed ammo crates. The set can be used to arm the M48, M60, Chieftain, Leopard, and early M1.

2690       1:35        GI's ETO WWII  $16.95
This is a two-figure resin set of US GI's fighting in Europe during WWII. Both are dressed in standard US fatigues and jackets. One has a bandaged head, while the other has his helmet for protection. One is armed with a BAR and the other is armed with a Thompson MG.

Please go to the Verlinden website at  to view their full line of products.
 Also keep looking back here for the news on  Next month's items..
Verlinden releases for September & October

This is a very useful way to load up your new Dragon RSO kit. It comes with a full load of stowage & ammo, plus a full crew to man the PaK-75 on the rear deck.

This is a two figure set of a USN SEAL team engaging the enemy; one standing locked & loaded as the other crouches and signals his compatriots. Both are dressed in over all black fatigues and kit for stealthy night missions, and are armed with M4 Carbines. 
This is resin kit of a German WWII MG Panzernest. It comes with a complete and fully detailed interior, and can be built with raised or lowered periscopes, opened or closed escape hatch, and optional position MG aperture cover.
This is a pair of WWII Luftwaffe pilots scrambling to their mounts. They are both geared up with flight suits and Mae Wests. One wears an officer's cap and flares strapped to his boot and holds a clipboard, and the other wears the soft cap and flight gloves.

This is a very simple kit of a WWII era washing machine. It can be assembled opened or closed, and is a very nice piece for a diorama setting.

This is very simple kit of a standard Luftwaffe power supply/starter cart in 1:32 scale. It comprises 18 detailed resin parts and a length of copper wire and plastic rod.

This is an all-resin kit of a WWII German Luftwaffe bomb loader.  The kit itself comprises of 16 detailed parts and two lengths of plastic rod. Two more resin pieces comprise the bomb. This bomb loader can be assembled in a variety of poses.

This is a pair of Luftwaffe ground maintenance crew in 1:32. One is bending down on his right knee tinkering with something and the other stands supervising.

This is a pair of WWII USAAF fighter pilots. One wears a May-west and flight helmet and is describing his latest kill to his comrade, who wears his officer cap and a leather flight jacket.

Check out these and the other excellent products from Verlinden by clicking on the banner below