Thursday, November 8

Stalingrad completes the "German Winter infantry Series" with extra resin releases and a peasant girl from warmer climes joins in...

Stalingrad resin figures from Russia have two new collections to their newest line of figures - One a Russian Peasant girl in summer and another large set which they have  added some images of new figures that complete the set that depicts the German soldiers defending the Village of Velikiye Luki on the Eastern front in the cold winter of 1942-3 – the figures are as nice as they are diverse – we also have the story and some pictures which served as the inspiration to this set in our preview…

Stalingrad's two new figure releases this month - a large set of Russian in the winter and a Peasant girl in Russia..

# 3543 - Russian Girl With Buckets, ХХ century 
The charm of this girl cannot be denied and Alexander has done some amazing work on this and his newer figures – I am sure she will need some winter clothes to fit in with this next set of Germans though!!

German Infantrymen, winter 1942-45 Big Set 
During the Battle for Velikiye Luki (in late 1942), a German force of about 20,000 were encircled in the town which had been turned into a fortress. After months of heavy fighting, the German defenders were finally wiped out in January 1943. As a result of this siege, the town suffered almost total destruction.

This is the inspiration of this set from Stalingrad Miniatures
We have the images of some of the Soldiers including a sled to carrying the wounded and a peasant girl with buckets sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov along with some of the inspirations of each of the figures in picture form…

3580 - German Infantrymen, winter 1942-45 Big Set # 3587 
(Set includes 10 figures and boat-sled)
S-3581 + S-3582+ S-3583 + S-3584 + S-3585 + S-3586 + S-3587 + S-3588 + S-3588 

This set was launched earlier this month – but included are a few really excellent pieces to the set which add drama and some excellent finishing touches to the diorama scene - I will take you through them one by one – starting with the newer figures first and then the others including the inspirations for them and the setting these troops were fighting in during the war.

3558 Wounded Evacuation: German Infantrymen & boat-sled, 1942-45

There are two variants of boat-sled payload - men or weapons... 

# 3587 - German Infantryman, Kharkov winter 1942-43
The young looking soldier with interesting clothing choice of a large white sheet tied to his greatcoat – large gloves and big packs carry anything he can take with him - this inspiration is below in the photo..

3581 - German Infantryman, Velikiye Luki, winter 1942-43

# 3582 - German Infantryman, Velikiye Luki, winter 1942-43

# 3583 - German Infantryman, Velikiye Luki, winter 1942-43

# 3584 - German Infantryman, Grossdeutschland div. Kharkov, winter 1942-43

“the final radio contact with the surrounded eastern side of Velikiye Luki ceased on 15 January: at 04:40 - "A breakout appears out of the question because almost 2,000 wounded would fall into Russian must immediately come from the outside". Along with 3,000-4,000 of his men, the commander of the German forces Von Saß was taken into Soviet captivity when his forces surrendered on 16 January.
# 3585 - German Machine Gunner, Cherkassy pocket winter 1943-44


# 3586 - German Infantryman, Cherkassy pocket winter 1943-44
Von Saß and seven other officers (including von Rappard, the previous commander of Infantry Regiment 277, who was taken as a POW in 1945) are stated to have been executed in the main square of Velikiye Luki in January 1946, after a tribunal convicted them of war crimes against POWs and civilians in and around the city.
The battle is sometimes called "The Little Stalingrad of the North" due to its similarities with the larger and better-known Battle of Stalingrad that raged simultaneously in the southern sector of the front.”

These figures are now available from Stalingrad’s Distributors