Friday, December 21

And you thought traffic was bad! Add-On Parts & the Art Of Modelling Magazine is interactive and Digital for January 2013

Something blocking the road?
Add On Parts supply their customers with top quality Diorama accessories and extra detail parts for your tanks and armoured vehicles. They make great quality stuff – and we are always happy to see what they have been up to – here in our January 2013 preview from them we have some impressive new kits for you to add to your stash – or even, maybe perhaps your diorama you are just about to finish! Also great new features on their "Art of Modelling" Magazine - now truly interactive...

Add On Parts January 2013 releases:

Add On Parts 35-0033-D 1:35 Höckerhindernis Gateway
This is the large road block you see in many great dioramas in competitions and magazines – made from a mixture of 2 ceramic plates, 1 resin toolbox and 5 resin beams, this is the centre piece of the great Siegfried line diorama you were planning – now only if someone made the left and right sections…

Add On Parts 35-0050-D 1:35 Höckerhindernis Typ 38, Left Side Diorama Set
Well someone does make the left and right set! Here is the left hand side of the road block section of the diorama – coming in as t dimension of 24 x 10 cm this box contains 9 ceramic parts, both of flat road and “dragon’s Teeth”

Add On Parts 35-0051-D Höckerhindernis Typ 38, Right Side Diorama Set
Dimensions: 24 x 10 cm
Box contains 9 ceramic parts.
-       Ditto of the left hand side but opposite!

Add On parts 35-0049-D Höckerhindernis Typ 39 Diorama Set
This is a Zig-Zag section of the wall that vehicles would find it so hard to cross without the aid of a big digger or explosives!
The kit contains 17 ceramic parts of approximately 38 x 23 cm in ceramic base and teeth.

Add On parts 35-0040-A Sd.Kfz. 231/232 Road Wheels
This set contains 9 of the resin wheels to replace the wheels ant tyres on your early war scout and communications AFV. There are nine and not eight because the Add On guys have given you a spare for the back!!

Add On Parts 35-0053-A Tiger I Spare Wheels - Early Type
In a box containing two unpainted resin wheels, this is the set you would need if you are supplementing your early Tiger tanks’ wheels with an extra set of stowage wheels (or extra armour) these look very good don't they?
Add On Parts 35-0035-C Normandy Village Wall
In no doubt a long box with 1 ceramic wall and 2 ceramic support columns – the wall measuring 24cm x 7cm and nicely textures with stone all along the face. Just the thing to have two opposing armies marching past each other on!

Also of note - Art of Modelling, Add On’s modelling magazine, comes in a fully interactive tablet edition, available in English, German, Dutch or French. 

It will be the first modelling magazine offering a truly interactive experience on tablet, not just converted PDF's like others on the market – here is the link in case you are interested but it sounds like a good proposition to me!

As well as the regular paper version – the Digital version will be available on iPad, Android and Windows 8 based tablets from January 11th!

That’s it for the January releases from Add On Parts – these are available thru their Distributors worldwide.