Friday, December 28

New Typhoon sets make your own perfect storm from Barracuda Studios

Barracuda Studios rarely have a lull don't they? Well Roy has had a day or so off over Xmas and then post-haste sent news of his latest amazing little set – if applied to your 48th scale Typhoon – well the pictures speak for themselves – see more in our preview of this excellent new lot of update sets from Barracuda Studios...
Barracuda Studios are proud to announce the release of 3 new 1/48th scale products in the BarracudaCast resin detail set line. These sets are up on the website now and available for order.

These new sets are designed to upgrade the very good 1/48th Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ib series of kits. The external sets are designed for both Car-door and Bubbletop variants, but the cockpit is designed specifically for the Bubbletop version.

This thoroughly researched and super detailed cockpit set is designed for the 1/48th Hasegawa Bubbletop Typhoon kits. It consists of a complete resin cockpit with a photo-etched instrument panel with very detailed, readable film dials and a number of other small etched details. The seat has a moulded in Sutton Harness for ease of building. No major thinning or surgery is required to install this set. The parts can be modified to fit the Monogram kit.

This set contains a much more detailed and accurate pair of intake fronts designed for all versions of the Hasegawa Typhoon, one standard and one with a dust filter fitted with cuckoo clock doors. Also included are two sets of detailed, hollowed out exhausts, both faired and unfaired. May also be made to fit the Monogram Typhoon.
This set consists of a pair of accurate and detailed 5-slot mainwheels fitted to later production Car-door and all Bubbletop Typhoons. The tires are smooth, and the wheel hubs are detailed down to the castellations in the axle nut. Also included is a detailed one piece tailwheel casting. Perfect for the 1/48 Hasegawa or Monogram Typhoon kits.
There are now ready to be shipped from Barracuda Studios Directly!