Monday, December 3

Royal Model's December updates are ruined!

Royal Model from Italy have two new diorama sets for you this month – a new resin cast of a ruined house in the Ardennes in 1/48th scale and some 35th scale ruins with those nasty SS troopers using it as a hideout – check them both out in our preview…

Royal Model December items

 The kit contains a wooden base, resin parts and wire. This kit can be made into a very nice looking vignette in its own right as you can see on these pictures here.
Included are the two fully armed SS soldiers peeking around the corner and armed to the teeth. Dressed in warm winter clothes and gloves these soldiers both carry Mauser 98K riles and ammo as well as some stick grenades (in their boots no less)

Both soldiers are using the ruin as cover and this is very beautifully rendered with exposed pipework and bricks in a detailed pattern. Broken windows, bricks wood and debris all strewn about the kit make the vignette feel very war weary.

694: House Ruin (Ardennes)
In twelve parts of grey resin this building fits together through simple joints which make this set strong and easy to assemble. The detail in this kit pretty much surpasses most of the contemporaries I have seen in plaster and Vac-form. If you look at some of these pictures of the roof the most intricate internal detail and then loose shingles leave a lot of kits of this ilk in the shade.

The inside of the house and the outside are both able to be displayed which give you twice the possibilities for display, and maybe the opportunity to insert a little “trick” in there.

Both kits are available or will be very soon through Royal Models directly.
September Items from Royal Model
Item: 677
Description: Chained wheels for M8 / M20
Notes: The kit is composed from unassembled resin and metal photo-etched parts.
List price: € 20.00

Item: 656
Description: Factory ruin with steam boiler
List price: € 69.00
This set contains unassembled plaster, resin and metal photo-etched parts. And looks pretty amazing when constructed and painted up. The dilapidated high pressure tank and the ruined walls will be a great challenge for most all modellers who I think will love this kit.
Photo etched thin parts along with large resin bits make the detail stand out only when you want it to and give you a great scale thickness. With some skill used this set will look magnificent.

Item: 675
Description: German tankers loading ammo (2 fig.)
List price: € 24.00

These two tankers in resin are seen in a dynamic pose – one – presumably the officer is seen yelling and pointing at something in the distance whilst the loader is seen slamming a shell into the breach of his gun. These two figures in resin are sold as a set and are wearing double sided winter clothing and warm hats and gloves.

Item: 667
Description: M-10 Stowage set
List price: € 39.00
The kit is composed from unassembled resin and photo-etched parts. Stowage items like a sleeping swag and canvas wraps, barbed wire and a large log with some sandbags are included in this pack. Personals like weapons and backpacks are in the set as well. Pretty much anything you need to heap on top of your M10

Item: 666
Description: M-10 U.S.crew
List price: € 40.00
Details: when you see this crew without the tank it looks like they are breakdancing! But with the tank you can see the commander with radio, the two tankers leaning on the inside open aired (must have been cold in winter) turret. The driver is shown in his position and is a half body figure.

Item: 687
Description: Panther tanker (WWII)
List price: € 12.00
Details:  The kit contains unassembled resin parts of a full bodied figure of a panzer commander.  The figure has the throat mic. and headphones on to communicate with his crew and fellow tanks, a camouflage smock and warm leather gloves.

Item: 670
Description: Steel Saws Set
List price: € 16.00
Notes: Set in photo-etched metal these seven different shaped saws are used for cutting many things ( hopefully not your fingers) and as you can see from our pictures there are lots of different uses and they are simple to use ( and cheap).

Item: 672
Description: Templates set stencils (Airplanes 1/32 scales)
List price: € 12.00
Detail: Set in photo-etched metal – this template will help you rescribe all those panels you have destroyed when you sanded too hard!!.

Item: 671
Description: Templates set stencils (all scales)
List price: € 16.00
Detail: Set in photo-etched metal – this set has all of the different shapes you would need to scribe into your aircraft kit – the good thing is they can be used on all scales for aircraft – the sizes of the shapes vary...

Item: 659
Description: U.S. Infantry at rest with rifle-WWII (no.1)
List price: € 12.00

Detail: A great match to go on your M10 you have just stacked full of stowage well this man is for you! He has his Garand rifle and full complement of helmet and combat gear – this resin soldier could be placed anywhere. His body language looks great.

Item: 661
Description: U.S. Infantry at rest with rifle-WWII (no.2)
List price: € 12.00

Detail: this soldier looks pretty much like he could be sitting on any deck of a vehicle – he looks braced with his rifle between his legs and is carrying grenades and canteen, he looks ready to go..

Item: 674
Description: U.S. Infantry rifleman (WWII)
List price: € 12.00

Detail: Walking along with his rifle at his side this soldier has heaps of ammo in packs around his waist as well as some pineapple grenades on his webbing.

Item: 660
Description: U.S. Jeep driver U.S. Infantry (WWII)
List price: € 12.00

Detail: a great figure driving a jeep in this picture – he has a large greatcoat on and a driver’s style protective goggles and helmet. He looks great.

For more pictures and information, and for lots of other products check out Royal Models website...