Wednesday, December 26

The new L1500A kit from MiniArt - upgraded with figures and new marking schemes - wow!

The latest little amazing kit from Miniart - the Steyr L1500A is showing up some of the big boys -Now they have upgraded it with a figure set and shown more of the marking details - along with built up shots we can reveal in our preview..
The vehicle was classified same as Steyr 1500A and Horch Typ. The basic type of body became Kfz.70, designed for transporting of 7 person including driver. 

All in all there were about 4900 L1500A produced. These vehicles were extremely durable and reliable and soon became one of the favoured if rarer German softskin vehicles.
Mercedes-Benz L 1500A with Kfz. 70 were frequently as heavy staff cars.  L1500A personnel cars were used by all German arms of service in the Soviet-German front, in North Africa, Italy, and France up to the end of war.

The Daimler-Benz company designed the L1500A with an all-wheel-drive chassis of 1,5 t capacity to be ready for the end of 1941. Most of these chassis received open bodies for transportation of 7 men (Kfz.70). We have have had these images of the test kit with it's simply amazing detail unpainted..

Model details:

·      Highly detailed model

·      All New Tooling. Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.

·      Fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis

·      507 parts

·      86 PE parts

·      Decals included

·      Full-colour instructions

Now for the sprues
The Figure sprues
The Photo Etched sheets 
The markings

An extra six figure kit is included in this release – the crew that are riding in the car and their officer. Here is the set fully made up and painted...

This amazing little kit – is abailable soon - we will build it here on this site  - although you have seen it in pretty much every detail. The new kit and all of the others from MiniArt are available to see at their website..