Friday, December 14

Wings Cockpit Figures saves all our 1/32 bacons with new figures for your large scale kits...

For as long as I can remember the only figures readily available for 1/32nd aircraft have been the somewhat mangled figures you get inside the kit box – usually sitting still - one hand on the joystick and not really very good – well David from Wings Cockpit Figures has come to our rescue with these beautiful figures for WWII ( and more WWI) aircraft. We have lots of images and their particulars – with a window to upcoming releases in our preview…

Sculpted by notaries in the business like Mike Good, Andrew Cairns, Nino Pizzichemi and Stephen Warrilow these figures will bring life to your otherwise personal-devoid aircraft diorama. With many allied countries and more WWI stuff to come there is truly going to be something for everyone in their series of figures – we wish them well!

For the future there has been a whisper of a seated WWI RFC pilot to suit the Wingnut Wings SE5a and perhaps the Fe2b. An early war RAF Hurricane pilot climbing out by Alan Ball, as well as a Luftwaffe bomber pilot for the new Revell bombers. Nino Pizzichemi is doing now a standing Adolf Galland figure and a Marlene Dietrich figure to mix and match with the Helmut Wick and Hugo Sperrle figures.

Wings hope to produce a reasonable range of WW2 and WW1 pilots, mechanics and accessory figures - suitable for collectors as well as aero-modellers. Let’s have a look at this  - the first releases for December from Wings.
RAF 01 Seated RAF Fighter Pilot, mid-late war. Sculpted by Mike Good.
(Showing three of the four heads). Designed for the Tamiya Spitfires, also fits the Aires Spitfire cockpits, the MDC Typhoon and the Radu Brinzan Hurricane cockpit and other authentic models. 16.50

RAF 02 Seated RAF Fighter Pilot, mid-late war. Sculpted by Andrew Cairns.
Designed for the Tamiya Spitfires.  13.50

RAF 03 RAF Spitfire Pilot, climbing out, mid-late war. Sculpted by Andrew Cairns.
Designed for the Tamiya Spitfires, and fits all authentic Spitfires with cockpit doors you may model open. 13.50

RAF 07 Standing RAF Fighter Pilot, with scarf and parachute, early war.

Sculpted by Andrew Cairns. Freestanding. 13.50
USAAF 01 Standing USAAF Bomber Pilots, 1942-43.

Sculpted by Andrew Cairns.
Two figure set. Freestanding. 22.50
VVS 01: A VVS woman Pilot standing on wing (heads for fighter pilot Lilya Litviak and Sturmovik pilot Anna Egorova)
Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi. Freestanding. 13.50

VVS 01 B: VVS woman Gunner standing on wing (Konstantinova)
Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi.  Freestanding. 13.50
LUFT 06 A: Luftwaffe ace Helmut Wick restaging a dogfight, 1940.

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi. Freestanding. 13.50

LUFT 06 B: Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall Hugo Sperrle, 1940.

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi. Freestanding.  13.50
RFC 01: Standing RFC Pilot, scarfed up, 1915 – 1918.

Sculpted by Stephen Warrilow  Freestanding. 13.50
You can get these new figures - and all of wings previous releases - by emailing David directly