Thursday, January 17

It’s might be winter – but Master Details from the USA isn't afraid to bare some leg!


Master details have just sent some details of a new tropical pilot figure to suit your US Navy/ Marines aircraft in the hot pacific sunshine. Imagine being able to wear short in the pacific right now – hmmm sounds nice doesn't it? Let’s have a look..

This new pilot figure in 1/32nd scale from Master Details of the USA looks like he is far from the winter climes affecting the rest of us right now – he is sculpted of twelve resin parts to replicate a U.S. Navy or Marine fighter pilot from World War Two. He is wearing the tropical, short uniform with early style "Mae West" life preserver, officer shoes and web belt with holstered .45 calibre pistol and magazine pouch. 

This figure comes complete with alternate head configurations; plain with officer "ball cap" and ready for flight with 1092-S summer flying helmet and Mk.II goggles. So not everyone have the same pilot standing next to their corsair or even a light attack aircraft!!

“Listen guys – it’s far too hot here – we need someone to sculpt us in shorts!”

The figure's price is $17.25 US + P&P and it is available now from the Master Details USA website