Sunday, January 6

Latest figure sets "On sale" from Masterbox - striking!

We have some more pictures of the latest kits from MasterBox that have just landed and are now “on sale” There are some interesting variations on well-known genres and some like this team playing football that are just completely new to the market.

Masterbox January 2013 new Releases..

3577 “US Artillery Crew”
This kit consists of 6 figures representing a US gun crew from the WWII era. They are firing a heavy howitzer
In the box on one tan sprue you get six figures in various states of dress and uniform from the US Artillery service. A radioman calls the co-ordinates while three loaders toils to bring the shells into the gun and the firer gets ready to pull the firing pin. A rammer stands by whilst waiting to push the heavy two part rounds into the gun. This man with the ramming pole can be constructed without it to make it into a lighter calibre gun if you so decide
One may think as well that these figures could be used for a Vietnam or Korean diorama as well as there are no real distinctive parts of the uniform that would look out of place.

3597 “Vickers Machine Gun team, North Africa Desert Battle Series, WW II era”
This kit is made up of two sprues in tan which contain five figures with a massive weapons load out - including PIAT anti-tank gun, A heavy Vickers machine gun, Lewis and Bren LMG’s five types of sten gun, some rifles and a heavy calibre anti-tanks rifle. This sprue is sold by itself outright kit (35109) so the inclusion is a great bonus to the set indeed.
The figures sprue consists of parts to make 5 figures belonging to the western Desert Battle Series in the WW II era. The basis of the kit is British machine gun team of Vickers machine gun, consisting of 2 figures. There is also British Infantryman in the kit that could be assembled in 2 variants. The very interesting variation that MasterBox have made here is the inclusion of two German Infantrymen from DAK figures that have been killed in the attack. This is really uncommon in moulded injection figures – great work again from the designers of this set.
35149 - "German tank men in the break between combats"
This set of German tankmen sees a crew having a bit of fun playing football in a break between the battles. It sure makes a change from German tankers in a stiff pose pointing at something doesn’t it?

Whilst a comrade stands by and smokes a pipe these guys go at it with the help of two tree stumps for goals, a young man and a little doggies that wants to have a go too!

These figures are now on sale at all MasterBox Distributors worldwide.