Monday, January 28

We "heart" Andrea Miniatures new February figures…

Latest in the line from Andrea Miniatures’ figures is a single buccaneer and a good excuse to get modelling on valentine’s day !
February 2013 releases from Andrea Miniatures..

Material: white metal (5 pieces)
Scale: 54mm 1/32
sculptor: Miniatures Andrea
Box Art: Julio Cabos
This treasure seeking rogue is sculpted from five pieces and cast in white metal. He is seen very “teapot like” with one hand on his hip and the other on his musket. For this scale (1/32) the painter Julio Cabos has done a magnificent job as every little detail is able to be picked out – good to start from a decent canvas though hey?!

You can buy him painted like the figure above or unpainted and unassembled in kit for a fair bit less so I suppose it is up to you the choice. He does a have an uncanny resemblence to Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac if you ask me.....

Material: white metal (14 pieces)
Scale: 80mm 1/22
sculptor: Nelya Vitvitska
Box Art: Julio Cabos

Sure to titillate – this excellent figure for Andrea’s  “Pyn Up” series shows a young lady who wants to show you how big her heart is!
I like it that andrea Miniatures releases things like this for Valentines day, Halloween and Christmas – It makes me think they care about what their customers are trying to do – get as far away from the family and model with a great “seasonal excuse!”
This figure was sculpted in 1/22 scale by Nelya Vitvitska and in this instance painted again by the esteemed Julio Cabos - painted it will set you back 221 euros – but unpainted – so you can pore over it yourself is only 38 Euros – a tough choice but at least if you stuff it up you have an excuse to paint it again!!
Also well worth the read is the next issue of Figure International Magazine from Andrea Press – they have  a large interview with model maker and painter San Eon Lee – and featuring a step by step painting guide especially for his figures - along with many other articles written for the mag.

These two figures are now available at Andrea Miniatures site directly and from good figure sellers!