Friday, February 15

At MiniArt’s command – Unleash plastic! three new kits and Images from the Toy Fair

Well they have been pretty quiet this year but MiniArt have not been sleeping – ohh no! We have their news from Nuremburg toy fair, and also three new releases for you to mull over…

MiniArt February news
Well yes there is probably a reason we haven’t heard much from these guys from the Ukraine – they were saving it all up for the Nuremberg Toy fair last week – by the picture here it looks like they had fun! You can see many of the new items on their shelves beautifully made up.

The buildings and diorama accessories

The Vehicles

and figures

MiniArt also received an award from the Toy fair by "Model Fan" magazine for their "Building series" in 1:72 scale -  Congratulations Guys!

Now for some of their latest items in progress…

BOX: 345x240x60 mm - Box contains a model of one German truck and five figures.
This is the new L1500 chassis with the light 4x4 truck strapped to the chassis – this was a popular light vehicle in the German armed services – and the model kits look to be just as popular with them easy to include in your diorama and a little different from other makes a good inclusion in your diorama.

This kit has included the five figures you can buy separately – they are loading the truck with barrels whilst their officer looks on –

There are three colour markings of this truck – a grey Wehrmacht version as well as a dark yellow truck and a sand coloured Afrika Korps truck.

BOX: 260x162x35 mm – this kit contains 131 parts – the sprues make up 5 figures with 4 ammo boxes. These black clad Russian tank men are seen in a variety of poses – mostly handling the ammo they are loading. There are several boxes and open ammo for your diorama as well.

BOX: 290x190x55 mm - This kit contains 38 parts that makes a gladiator Russell Crowe might be proud of! – with large parts which seem to fit into each other neatly where the clothes and armour fit the body you might think that it could fight to be on the same shelf as a more expensive kit at a modelling show.

We will keep you up to date with all of Mini Art's Kits as they appear this year