Monday, February 11

"I want some more" Miniaturas Fortes brings us the sinister Bill Sykes as this month's release...

It seems that Diego Fortes never leaves his modelling bench - in something fresh this month he brings us Miniaturas Fortes' latest figure - one that fans of the classic novel "Oliver Twist" will know very well - ladies and gents we give you - Bill Sikes...
William "Bill" Sikes is a character in the novel "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens. Sikes (and his faithful dog Bullseye) has been captured in fine detail here in this 1/24th figure from Miniatures Fortes. And in this short preview Diego takes us right through his thought process and sculpting the figure from start to finish. you will see it materialise before your own eyes. 

Now we hand you over to Diego himself....

This is one of those characters that cause you an unforgettable impression.
I Think that my first memory of him is the movie directed by David Lean: Oliver Twist (1948).
Of course, the character is inseparable from his dog, Bullseye

The versions of the novel have been numerous, both in movies and theatre  My favourite version is still the version from 1948, but the actor that most resembles the character imagined by Dickens is, indeed, Oliver Reed.
Dickens describes him as a stoutly-built fellow " with a black velvet coat and very soiled drab breeches". Powerful calves covered by grey cotton socks, inside his boots. The dirty belcher handkerchief with which he cleaned the beer from his mouth... He is a brutal and dangerous personage, whom, however, has complete loyalty from his lover, the prostitute Nancy, and his bull terrier, named Bullseye.

After some thought, and watching many scenes and vintage pictures, I had the idea of the pose and the look that I wanted for the character. That he transmuted brutality and danger at first sight.

Lets talk with the step by step images:
This leads us to the completed figure - ladies and gentlemen I present to you Miniaturas Fortes' latest figure - "Bill Sykes" and of course his cowering hound "Bullseye" from the movie "Oliver Twist"

To see more of Diego's figures and works in progress and build threads like this one check out his website Fortes Miniatures - you may even come away with your own figure as you can order directly from him for 30 Euros + P&P..