Thursday, February 28

New kits from bronco are surely something to report..

Well we are impressed – the penny has finally dropped and someone is making the DFS glider to go along with German Paratroops – about time someone realized the crossover potential! – ohh and if you like a Topolino and some British infantry correspondents then they are the two other exciting new kits just announced by bronco today…

CB35039 - German Invasion Glider DFS-230 B-1 with Paratroopers (Operation Eiche)
The German Paratroopers of Operation Eich ( German of “oak”) was the raid on Gran Sasso by Otto Szkorzeny and his special forces troops to re-capture Mussolini from his prison in the Italian alps.

This kit has been begging to be made for such a long time – the crossover between aircraft and Infantry modellers has long been obvious to me at least – it will be a great big aircraft and hopefully full of detail as well – this one will be a winner.

CB35156 - DAK “Topolino” (German/Italian) Light Staff car with crew and IF8 Infantry Cart – 1/35th scale
The Afrika Korps (or even the Italian version) of the Fiat 500 Topolino has to be as an interesting release as the recent Fiat Simca 5 which was very popular with modellers not for it’s large size but rather it’s diminutive stature.

By adding the IF8 Infantry Cart to this staff car the second layer of interest is added and this can be weathered up to be a requisitioned “infantry support vehicle” I can imagine it now full of stuff!!! Crew are included as well so this looks to be a great set.

CB35140 - WW2 British and Commonwealth War Correspondent set – 1/35th scale
Well those people after more British stuff will love this set – we have six figures of war reporters and photographers here in a variety of get ups including a tanker and a paratroop reporter. A great set in a much left out genre and service

We will give you more pictures as they arrive. Till then enjoy your weekend..