Monday, March 11

1/16th Panzer 38(t) from PandaHobby - comparison shots of the "E" & "F" versions

We have just gotten shots of the boxart for the new Panda Hobby P-38t in 1/16th scale - we are ready now dammit! Anyway we thought we would add this to the rolling preview of this tiny tank in a big scale along with the images of the constructed vehicle...

Panda hobby Panzer 38(t) 1/16th scale

PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. E-G Pz 38(t) with frontal armour increased to 50 mm by bolting on an additional 25 mm armour

We have some more pictures to add to our earlier shots of the Panzer 38(t) in 1/16th scale from
 Panda Hobby - more shots with a different load out - options like this are making us excited to see the end product!

Previous news on this kit from Panda Hobby
Hot on the heels of their well selling Tunguska Panda Hobby has gone very large this time – 1/16th scale to be precise. This early tank, conceived and built in Czechoslovakia (hence the T or “tschechisch”) was well liked by it’s German adopters because of it’s manoeuvrability and reliability. (Something lacking on the larger later war German tanks everyone loves) They were even favoured above the German Panzer I & II by their crews.
There is no interior to be seen on these shots so we will have to wait to see what develops there – but the riveted steel on show looks pretty good – and think about all of the possibilities! The Hetzer – the Marder – and several other AA tanks and even the Swedish licence built version can be made –I am sure modellers are already coming up with alterations to make this their own unique version!!
Keep tuned – we will bring you more about this little beast as it comes to fruition.