Thursday, March 14

Add on Parts provide you more options for your diorama this March..

Add On Parts continue to come up with diorama additions (like their name almost  eh?) to help make you scenes more realistic – and this month they have four new releases to add to their already burgeoning catalogue, let’s have a look at what they are “adding on” this month..

Add On Parts New March Products…

Add On Parts 35-0059-D Railroad Bed, 30 cm
Contains 1 unpainted ceramic part
Size 29,5 x 11 cm
Just when you thought you were going round the bend with your railroad Add-On provide that service for you. Cast in lightweight plaster in 35th scale this set of  30cm long track would fit a small diorama really well.

Add On Parts 35-0029-A German Food Canisters
Contains 6 unpainted resin parts
These “mess tins” of the Germans could be adapted I think to match any countries’ foodstuff containers. They come in a variety of shapes and are constructed from grey resin completely they look like they could do with some good ol fashioned beating up! I can see the chipping potential that Add-On have added in this picture…

Add On Parts 35-0056-C Old French Crooked Village Wall
Contains 3 unpainted ceramic and 1 unpainted resin part
Size 15 x 10 cm
This wall would be right at home in the countryside of rural France – I can see the allied paratroopers walking past a German patrol on D-Day night right now! ( sounds like a movie) Anyway this is a plaster cast with lightweight plaster ready to be undercoated and painted up…

Add On Parts 35-0058-A Railroad Ballast Tub
Contains 1 unpainted ceramic part Size 8,5 x 8,5 cm
Just what you need to add to your new rail section – a plaster cast of some “wooden” sleepers holding ballast to get scattered on the tracks…I can see the weeds growing out of them even now…

All of these products are available on Add-On Parts’ website right now – check it oooouuuuuttttt