Wednesday, March 27

Alpine at the tip of the spear with this month's releases

The latest sets from Alpine answer the prayers of many who have been braying for more allied figures – there is a set of two soldiers from the famous “spearhead” division – the US 3rd armour in 35th scale.
German figure lovers still have a reason to rejoice as there is a large scale 1/16th scale Waffen SS soldier here and some spare heads for your German soldiers as well. Let’s have a look…

The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpted by Taesung Harmms / Boxart Painted by Dr. Jin Kim
This soldier from Alpine features a tanker from the “Spearhead” division of the US army during the European campaign in WWII. His is posed in a “teapot” fashion with one hand on his hip with the other resting on something lower, here he is seen resting inside the turret of his tank. You can see clearly here his 3rd armoured patch on his left shoulder and his corporal stripes just below that.
There are lots of elements to his figure. He wears a battle dress and think drill OD pants with boots that are covered by galoshes. His belt is worn over his hip and attached to it is his medical pouch on his rear hip and his standard issue colt  9mm in it’s pouch on his right hip. He has some binoculars attached with a leather strap around his neck.
Speaking of necks he has the choice of two heads here. One the standard M1 steel helmet and the other the padded US tanker’s helmet which was a godsend in the confines of the tight vehicle.

The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.Sculpted by Taesung Harmms / Boxart Painted by Dr. Jin Kim

This second soldier in the set from the US 3rd armoured tankers has the choice of two heads just like the first figure. Again the choices are the padded tankers helmet and the steel M1 standard issue. This soldier’s facial features look a little slighter than his companion. He looks younger than the full corporal he is shoulder with and indeed probably is as he is a lance corporal. You can see from the one stripe on his shoulders as well as the 3rd armour patch on his left shoulder as well.

This tanker is wearing a coverall with his regulation shirt underneath. He also wears a half-length coat which site straight vertically down at the correct angle whilst he sits with his feet slightly up. He could be resting in the tank turret or indeed leaning on a vehicle.

The pictures show the 2 figures, each with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
This new set of two individual soldiers from Alpine features two soldiers of the “Spearhead” division of the US army during the European campaign in WWII – these two are shown at rest looking on. There are four heads to choose from, two each – and they have been painted here by Dr. Jin Kim – quite impressive as a set really.

This figure of a Waffen SS soldier was sculpted in 1/16th scale by the very talented John Rosengrant, and shows this soldier carrying two ammo boxes of MG42  to his companion gunner. He wears a reversible parka and winter weight trousers along with warm gloves and a scarf around his neck.

For personal protection he carries his “Soldier’s Bride” – his Kar.98 bolt action rifle of which he carries his own ammo on pouches on the front of his belt He also carries a canteen and bread bag attached to his belt as well.
Each of the releases from Alpine feature two different heads and this figure has either an uncovered M43 helmet or a cloth camo version covered, both are very good looking.

Here we see the figure painted up in Oak leaf pattern camo by Man-Jin Kim. He really is talented, and it gives you a view to the true potential of the kit.

This set includes 4 heads in 1/16 Scale. – These heads will jazz up your other figures in the same scale.

This set includes 4 heads in 1/16 Scale. An alternate selection of heads to suit your 1/16th scale kits that need a little more detail.
All of these are now available from: Alpine Miniature’s distributors worldwide.