Sunday, March 24

Dragon has another “Pop” at the FlaK 37

It seems that this popular little Ack-ack gun has been modelled by many different companies over the last few years - going from the Tamiya white box versions to the later and more sophisticated AFV Club and Bronco models, this gun is not ready for a smart kit release – or should I say update from Dragon Models – we have the vital statistics to help you choose in our preview…

Dragon New releases..
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON:  3/22/2013
Case Pack: 36 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 7.5" x 11.4" x 1.8"

Rheinmetall developed its 3.7cm Flak 18 anti-aircraft cannon in 1935, although only a small number were produced. However, development continued in the guise of the 3.7cm Flak 36, and when a new Zeiss sighting system (Flakvisier) was incorporated the following year, it ultimately became known as the 3.7cm Flak 37. By the time production drew down in 1944, a total of 1178 Flak 37 cannons had been manufactured. For transport the 1544kg cannon was usually mounted on a two-wheel trailer and the whole combination weighed a total of 2400kg. The weapon could traverse 360° and its theoretical rate of fire was 820m/s. Normally a crew of eight men would service each weapon, with a ceiling altitude of 4800m possible.
The same Flak 37 weapon was mounted on the Sd.Kfz.7/2 armoured halftrack. Now, however, Dragon is offering a standalone kit of the antiaircraft cannon. Usefully, the kit can be built according to two options – either with or without the gun shield. Even more than that, if the gun shield is installed, it can be depicted fully extended or folded. It may be a small kit, but it is full of detail. Take the one-piece gun barrel, for example. It is made from a sophisticated five-directional slide mould in order to present an accurate replica with a hollow muzzle. Modellers can pose the gun in various elevations or degrees of traverse. It also comes complete with a set of finely scaled 3.7cm ammunition rounds to help create an authentic scene. This carefully crafted cannon is ready for immediate emplacement in a modeller’s diorama!

- Gun with/without gun shield can be assembled
- Cannon can be freely posed at different angles

- Gun sight and hand wheels w/well-defined detail
- Gun cradle offers great detail definition

- Option for opened or folded gun shield
- Gun shield w/bolt detail in scale thickness

- 5-directional slide-molded one-piece gun barrel w/hollow muzzle

- Travel lock realistically presented

- Triangular base-plate gun platform authentically detailed

- 3.7cm ammunition included

This kit will be available from Dragon Resellers in May