Sunday, March 3

Life Miniatures are going past the addage - Now it seemsThree heads are definitely better than one!

Sometimes companies just outdo themselves and surprise us all – this time the much admired figure makers Life Miniatures has literally gone one better than previous efforts and not just releases an amazing bust of Winston Churchill -but they have given him THREE (yes 3) different head options! – Let’s have a look in our preview...
Life Miniatures October New Release

The fith instalment in the Live Miniatures catalogue has caused some old fashioned political debate – but not up for question is the quality of likeness of this figure and his expression – now we see him painted up with his distinctive bowtie you can see in these pictures below how his likeness has been captured..

Winston comes in three variations within the one resin kit – without a hat at all, with a British “tommy” style helmet and also with a nice dressy cap that he often wore. The Pinstripe suit, spotted bowtie and cigar are all trademarks of the man and beautifully painted here by Sang eon.

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This figure will be available this month at all good shops that carry Life Miniatures figures