Saturday, March 16

Rinaldi Studio Press are taking pre-orders for TANKART II, we have some images for you...

is now up for Pre-order from their site - should you get it?. Here are some preview images of Vol.II to help you make the right decision earlier ..

Preview - TANKART Vol. 2 WWII Allied Armour

This is the second of 8 TANKART volumes from Rinaldi Studio Press - We reviewed Vol.I a few weeks ago and it really was an impressive title. This Volume is for the Allied armour fas who sometimes feel a little left out - well this volume is right up your street!

There are many "how-to" books in today's world of scale modelling, but none has covered the "why's", as well as, the "how-to's"… the artistic approach… until now. In TANKART, a painting and weathering guide book series, the focus is on taking real-life observations of paint and weathering effects and incorporate the best techniques to replicate them.
Within this second volume, WWII Allied Armour, the author will go deeper into his thoughts about why of certain steps as it relates to Allied camouflage schemes. To bring these ideas to life requires a spectrum of processes and techniques which are covered in great detail; including the Hairspray Technique and the new Oil Paint Rendering -- plus Pigment Applications and Painting Olive Drab chapters that can be combined in an layered array to tell the story of each model.

We have some more excellent preview images of the second edition for you...

The book format is 8.5" x 9.5", 208 pages, softcover on high-quality book paper. There are 5 models featured inside, 4 dedicated technique chapters, plus a special bonus figure modelling chapter by Radek Pituch. Inside features over 500 colour photos reproduced in a large format. 
The text is presented in a unique dual-text format, the main text covers the technical how-to of each project, and the orange caption boxes contain the "why" of the authors thoughts as his ideas and reasons behind each step of the process.
TANKART Vol. 3 MODERN ARMOR is scheduled for JUNE 2013 release.
TANKART Vol. 4 WWII GERMAN ARMOR is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 2013 release.

TANKART Vol. 2 WWII Allied Armor pre-orders are officially open! Shipping begins early April. You can get TANKART II from the Rinaldi Studio Press website and while you are at it their Facebook page will keep you updated as well!