Friday, March 1

Tiger Productions have some great new bases to build your scenes on

Tiger Productions Diorama Products are a product of merging some smaller concerns into one heck of a diorama company that have a lot of neat ideas to put in front of your modelling desk  - We thought we would show you some of them in our preview..
March items from Tiger Productions Diorama Products
Tiger Productions casting facility is now up and running, and all items on their web site are currently in stock, but there are some brand new items they have released  for modellers this month.

These include French Mile Markers, roadside shrines.  Under Tiger Werke (Diorama Accessories), the Char B1Bis "wedgie", Semovente Desert "wedgie", etc.  Under Tiger Werke (AFV Accessories) as well as their brand new “Dio In A Box" under Tiger Productions in the Buildings/Structures tab.
Tiger Productions promise to have many new and exciting products in 1/35 though to1/72 scales coming soon.

European stile scenery includes all the needed items to complete the entire scene.
This item is the first of a new concept/series of Diorama items which will feature buildings with interiors, floors, debris, base, etc.  Everything you will need (except glue/paint) will be included in the box at a really affordable price.  We will give you so much of some of the items included that you will have left overs for other projects. It costs $48.00 for the whole "enchilada" and here it is in construction...

8 1/2 x 11 resin base with wall featuring two sided stone detail.


Tiger Werke TW-35120 Roadside Shrine "Large"

Tiger Werke TW-35158 Roadside Shrine "Small"

Tiger Werke TW-35159 Roadside Shrine "Medium"

Tiger Werke TW-35117 Semovente Desert "Scenery/Wedgie"

This item features a sandbagged wall section.

Tiger Werke TW-35147 Char B1Bis "Scenery/Wedgie"

The guys from Tiger will be at the AMPS International Show, April.  Atlanta, GA – and if you cannot get to the show then just check into thier shop at their website at this link..