Tuesday, March 12

We examine Oliver Publishing's Fortress in our preview

The Oliver Publishing Group – the guys who brought you books like “Panzers in the Bocage” and “To the Last Bullet” have now released details of their latest little gem – this book is centred on the “soft underbelly” of WWII and is called “Fortress: German Armour In The Defence Of Sicily” We have some info and preview pages for you…

Oliver Publishing Group presents their third book produced in co-operation with ADH Publishing - Fortress: German Armour In The Defence Of Sicily - is now completed.

Written by well-known author and researcher Claude Gillono, whose previous works include the very successful Panzers Of Kasserine and Les Sherman Francais de la Liberation in his native French, this book includes:-

- a detailed history of the units involved and their actions in Sicily
- 13 pages of colour artwork depicting over 30 different vehicles and guns including half-tracks, assault guns, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panzer VI Tiger tanks and the deadly 88mm Flak gun
- Black and white archive photographs, many never before reproduced
- Campaign map
- Detailed tables showing vehicle types and allocations
- Illustrations of unit insignia and vehicle markings

Copies of this book and their other titles can be ordered from ADH Publishing - http://www.adhbooks.com/