Wednesday, April 3

Are you “braying” for a new tracked ambulance and figures to match?

…well Dragon it seems has the answer to what ails you – the new 1/32th scale Maultier has been released as an ambulance version in 1/35th scale, and as a smart bit of marketing Dragon has also released two figure sets that go along rather nicely with this tracked mule…

May releases (and re-releases) from Dragon

It seems Dragon had their marketing hat on when they made their new Maultier – in 35th scale. I suppose in a while this may be released by their sister company Cyber-hobby as a set – but for now they are enticing us by re-releasing these discontinued 1/35 figure sets - No. 6061 German Feldgendarmerie & No. 6074 German Medical Troops to match the tracked ambulance. Let’s have a look at the Maultier first….
SCALE: 1:35
EST ARRIVAL:  May 2013
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 3.1"

The 7.1-tonne Maultier, introduced from 1942 onwards, was largely successful although it wasn’t quite as mobile as purpose-built halftracks. One interesting variant was a Maultier Ambulance that could be used for battlefield evacuation. Dragon is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer a plastic kit of this unique vehicle!
This 1/35 scale kit, fully living up to the standards expected by current-generation modellers, is based on Dragon’s existing Maultier. The rear ambulance body is completely new, including a delicate access ladder on the rear, as well as side doors and an associated footstep. The rear door opens to reveal a completely outfitted ambulance interior, one that has been carefully recreated with details as accurate as possible using wartime photos as a reference. 

The interior thus includes an elaborate rack for up to nine stretchers, and this rack can be fabricated in a configuration that suits the modeller’s requirements. Indeed, the detailed exterior and interior of the rear body offer unlimited potential to modellers. Previously, only experienced modellers could have attempted to scratch-build such an extensive ambulance conversion, but now Dragon has made this type available to all! For the modeller who wishes to depict a realistic Eastern Front winter scene, this Maultier Ambulance offers something different.

Model Features:
- Brand new Maultier Ambulance rendered w/fine detail
- Newly produced optional idler wheel
- Stretcher racks provided
- Stretchers can be fabricated in various configurations
- Stretcher produced w/crisp detail
- Realistic storage cabinet in interior
- Detailed seats included
- Toolbox included
- Two types of blinds provided
- Ventilator can be optionally assembled
- Spare wheel mounted on cab roof-rack
- Side doors and rear doors can be assembled open/closed
- Rear access steps can be assembled stowed up/positioned down
- Footstep for side door can be assembled up/down
- Fully detailed chassis
- Delicate engine represented
- Intricate fuel tank mounted on chassis
- Sprockets and idler wheels rendered w/accurate detail
- Realistic road wheels assembled from separate parts
- Realistic engine hood formed from multiple parts w/louver detail
- Realistic engine hood covers can be assembled open/closed
- Detailed radiator cover w/filler cap
- Accurately shaped front fenders
- Slide-molded engine hood frame
- Two options for door handles can be assembled
- Detailed dashboard and cab interior
- Intricate driver's seat w/realistic cloth pattern
- Cab doors can be assembled open/closed
- Delicate wheels w/authentic tire tread pattern
- Includes clear lenses for headlamps and spotlights
- Finely detailed vehicle tools
- Highly detailed Magic Tracks reproduced

DRA 6061
Scale 1/35th 

These four German figures can be used with the ambulance of course – and are pictured on the Maultier box art.

The four policemen come with hand batons and a very cluttered signpost to match!
DRA  6074
Scale 1/35th

These four German figures are seen in various poses – there are two wounded figures – one being attended to on a flat surface and another being helped walk to an aid station. This set includes four soldiers and a stretcher, 2 medical pouches and a tin medical case.

These kits will all be out by May at the latest at your local or internet hobby shop…