Wednesday, April 24

Preview - Ernst Udet in 1/16th scale from MiniArt

has more new releases on their plate this week – this time an interesting figure of the WWI flying ace in 1/16th scale Ernst Udet – here is what we have so far…

Coming Soon from MiniArt:
BOX: 290x190x55 mm

 This  1/16th  kit  contains 24  parts in grey styrene which try to replicate the features of Ernst Udet – the second highest scoring ace of WWI (behind only the “Red Baron”) and the highest scoring ace that survived the war.
Although he was instrumental in creating the Luftwaffe that went into WWII Udet is captured here at the time of one of his victories (62) during WWI. A smoker – he was often captured with a cigarette in pictures as he is here.
This figure adds to MiniArt’s 1/16th plastic figures which are getting better in sculpting and quality all of the time – we will keep our ears pinned to see if we get anymore on him before the official release.

MiniArt’s website for more info…