Friday, April 5

Stalingrad on the beach? New (very nice) figures for this month will tempt a few..

Stalingrad figures from Russia have a new bunch of figures available in three different types of settings – this month they have some Russian tankers and some high ranking Germans who have all turned up at the same beach!

New figures from Stalingrad this April

# 3005 – German General and his driver

This high level staff officer of the Wehrmacht is seen either getting into or most likely out of his staff car whilst his driver stands to attention behind him opening the door.

The General is seen with a full length wool lined coat with his decorated sideboard easy to see in these pictures. He has his leg raised in an interesting pose and here you can see that it fits the Opel Kapitan staff car pretty perfectly but I suppose it could be just about any car really.

His corporal (Unteroffizier) is seen here standing stiffly to attention in his ¾ length greatcoat with side M-34 forage cap on his head while he holds the door open for his commander.

# 3006 – German Officer

This man could well be posed with the General and his driver – he is seen standing rigid whilst at attention as his commander gets out of his staff car.

The officer wears a dispatch rider weight rubberised long coat that has a large pocket on the front of it and he carries a large sealed map or plans – probably why the high ranking officer is there to see him in the first place.

# 3007 - German soldiers on excursion

These two lads look like trouble! In a scene reminiscent of the first part of the movie “Stalingrad” (apt on this occasion) the soldiers are at a tourist locale behind the lines and one at least is wounded. He carries his arm in a sling under his jacket, which bears one or two medals telling of his exploits..

His Kammeraden looks like he is up to no good as well – although not wounded he carries a Leica III camera or a bunch of flowers – why you ask? Because he has fixed in his gaze the two lovelies that lay on the beach in our next set…

# 3008 - Girls On Beach

These two lovely young ladies are just out of the water on a trip to the back, who knows if they know they have attention from the German tourists?

There are two lady figures here – one is seen resting sitting down looking ahead at either the water or her friend.

Her companion has just gotten out of the water and is drying her hair with a long towel. Her swimming costume is textured and looks great in this sculpt.

The girls have a bunch of stuff sprawled out around them – all their personal effects on the beach. We think that Stalingrad have captured their beauty very well indeed.

# 3576 - Red Army Tanker

This lad from the Red Army has a crafty cigarette or ”сигарета” He can be seen here inside the turret of his tank but he can be posed outside his vehicle as well as he is a full bodied figure.

Wearing his tanker’s leather jacket and side forage cap with a long and nasty looking captured knife on his belt this soldier has an excellent look on his face. It is the trademark of Stalingrad’s figures and he looks like he is enjoying every last bit of that ciggie!

# 3577 - Red Army Tanker

The last figure in this month’s releases is sitting flush inside his vehicle and has as a feature of this sculpt got flattened arms so when he leans on the vehicle  he os looking forward and down and quite convincingly so as his clothes meld with the surface of the tank.

He wears the iconic Russian tanker’s padded helmet and is seen here in light dress – so maybe he and his comrade are at the beach watching the girls?? Sounds like a dating game show – Russians against the German team – who will get the girls?

All of these figures are now available from Stalingrad’s distributors – to be found on their website