Wednesday, May 29

Andrea miniatures new releases are in the frame today..

Andrea Miniatures new items are pretty nice looking – they are almost like art – now only if we had a frame… Ohh we DO!

Andrea Miniatures new kits June 2013

Scale: 1:32
Size: 54mm
Material: Metal
Sculpted by: Studio Andrea Miniatures
Painted by: Julio Cabos
This could be straight out of the pages of Asterix and Oblelix! This 54 mm figure is sculpted in eleven white metal parts and comes unassembled ready to make into a heavily celebrating Viking Warrior - Cheers!

Scale: 1:10
Size: 165mm
Material:Resin / Metal
Sculpted by: Fernando Martin
Painted by: Ruben Ontalvilla.
This bust sure does remind me of Grizzly Adams! The figure kit contains six white metal casting parts and 2 resin parts. It makes this frontiersman trapper with a warm Bear coat cape. Underneath he has his nicely sculptured American Indian jewellery and clothing – yes he really does remind me of Grizzly Adams…

Kit No: AS-018

Scale: 1:32

Material: Resin / Metal
Sculpted by: Studio Andrea
Painted by: Julio Cabos

5 resin parts and 1 white metal part make up this kit of a vignette of a Wild West saloon.  The saloon comes unpainted and bare – so you can turn it into whatever and wherever you would like – and it is deep enough for you to include your figure of your choice into…Plenty of potential there!

This issue of the best figure magazine features a step by step feature on the figures of Man Jin Kim by the man himself, as well as several other revealing articles – including a step by step painting of the Bear man bust by Ruben Ontalvilla  - it should be available in several languages from June the 15th.

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Andrea Miniatures MAY NEW RELEASE 2013
"Beelphegor fire wings"
Kit Number: wss-03
Scale: 1/32
Size:54 mm
Measurements: 25 cm height x 23 cm width x 29 cm length
Material: resin/metal

Original design and drawings: g. Sokolov and i.G.Fernandez
Research: e. Alonso

- dragon –j.A.Gil
- beelphegor - f.Martin
- base-a. Vishnevskiy
Painting: j.Cabos
Casting: p.Negut
Fotography and box art: j.M. Pascual and e. Catasus

You can buy this new dragon and rider kit in the very near future from Andrea Miniature’s Distributors – Their websites: EU & USA market: