Thursday, May 23

Preview: B-17G 1/32 HKM landing flaps from Eduard

The HK Kit of the B-17 in 1/32 scale is indeed a monster. You would think that seeing it isn't officially out yet and the overall size of the thing would prevent add-on aftermarket being made for it – but Ohh no! Eduard has thrown their hat in the ring early with their 1/32nd scale photo etch improvement set for the flaps – be prepared to be blown away!

Preview: B-17G 1/32 HKM landing flaps from Eduard
The Hong Kong Models giant B-17G in 1/32 is expected in near future and it is a great example how Eduard would like to schedule release for most of their photo-etch and Brassins™ for other manufacturer’s kits. Their planned wide range of accessories for this very (very) large kit is based on two pre-production plastic samples that Eduard received in advance of the final kit. Not only will there be new Brassin wheels and masks (July 2013), followed by Landing flaps and engines in August ... and all the interior and exterior stuff.  This looks very impressive to us!

B-17G 1/32 HKM landing flaps -  designed by Lubos Zach.

This is a preview from the photo-etch parts designing. Flap in the open position. Detailed look on the retracting mechanism - like on the real Fortress.
The real B-17 flap is over 7 meters (23 ft) long ...
This is a preview from the photo-etch parts design - Left wing flap in the open position.
Internal wing structure - this is already the real scale photo-etch test build. All fits accurately as on the 3D design preview
Note these tiny ribs on the flap
You will need some plastic rods for tube-shaped parts.
The entire thing is so long, that Eduard have had to think about a new style of packing for this particular set (long continuous parts of the flap and the wing interior are not divided into smaller sections)
One more detailed look on the flap's leading edge.
The PE fits into the plastic part perfectly in Eduard's mock up with the kit 
Note the two styles of ribs designed there. All is like on the real B-17, designed while using detailed photographs and war-time manuals and parts catalogues.
We will be showing more on the new parts for this big kit as soon as they arrive. Till then check out Eduard’s site for lots of new kit info…