Monday, May 20

T-80U MBT from Xact Scale Models gets built up with some colour…

Russian armour guys are in heaven – as in addition to the massive T-90 tank being taken on by MENG – now we have some pics of the T-80U MBT being produced by XactScale – a far east firm that look to have all the right ingredients and all the dots on the T-s and the “I’s” crossed and ticked! – We have some pictures of the built up prototype in today’s preview..

The Russian T-80U MBT -
Development was based on the Soviet Union’s T-64 at the Morozov Design Bureau in Kharkov, the T-80 was putted into service in 1976.  In 1985, a modenized version, T-80U developed. Featuring a newly designed turret which  equipped with the second generation "Kontakt 5 " explosive reactive armour and a Brod-M deep wading equipment. Arming with a 125mm 2A46-1 smooth bore gun which can fire the 9M119 Refleks (AT-11 Sniper) guided missile and the Long-Rod penetrator (HVAPFSDS) 3BM46. With a top speed of 70km/hour, T-80U is one of the fastest tank in service today.  gas turbine engine and it was  Being the first tank ever fitted with a gas-turbine engine, the GTD-1250 produced 1,250 hp (919 kW). It's mobility also ensured by the planetary power transmission controlled with hydraulic servo-system. Running gear features torsion bar suspension with hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers, RMSh track and rubber-tyred road wheels.

The tanks are currently in service with the Russian Federation Ground Forces and also exported to China, Cyprus and South Korea.

Model features:
1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Russian T-80U.
•Referenced from manufacturer's materials.
•The unique shape of the engine cover has been accurately depicted.
•Fully detailed "Brod-M" deep wading equipment.
•Highly accurate one-piece lower hull.
•One-piece 125mm main gun barrel.
•Detailed NSVT 12,7mm heavy machine gun.
•Highly detailed one piece tracks for ease of assembly.
•Highly detailed road wheels.

The kit looks to be very well detailed with not a lot missed – excellent detail on all of the parts of the tank but also all of the things normally glossed over – The rubber flaps on the turret and the Tracks caught my eye – they are a new type of rubber track the can be secured with normal hobby glue – they feature hollow track pins in a little breakthrough.  This should put a hole in Trumpeter’s plans of their T080 – this one looking a better prospect really – a shame only about the timing – as the company are also making the Russian Tiger AFV that Meng are making – Oww well as long as it is better then you need not worry – we will be building one here when it arrives..

Marking choices on the kit..

You can get this tank from Hobbyeasy around June for an Estimated $69.95US