Monday, June 24

We get to review Diego Fortes Blitzkrieg figure in 24th scale

Miniaturas Fortes has finished their latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – simply titled “Blitzkrieg” it is a lovely recreation of a young fresh faced officer in the service of the German army in 1939 – we will be reviewing it in today’s news

Miniaturas Fortes
Grey resin – 7 parts
1/24 scale / (75mm).
Alternative head choice
Limited edition to 200 figures
Available directly from Minituras Fortes Website

Diego from Fortes Miniatures is giving us a variety of figures from all different time periods – but don’t worry there is a smattering of Germans in the product list as well – this – his latest release is of an Oberleutenant in the German Army in 1939 during the invasion of Poland. The resin is sculpted by Diego fortes in 1/24th scale (75mm) in seven parts of sweet smelling grey resin – well that is the formalities out of the way  - let’s look a little closer…

The resin sculpted by Diego here is finely detailed and although the sculpting itself is first class there is a fine line down either side which I would rather not have on a resin figure. It is easily removed though and really I shouldn’t complain but I would rather this small imperfection wasn’t there. I also noticed a bubble when removing one of the casting joints from the right arm. Again an easy fix with filler or superglue but the resin then is only 99% bubble free!
These are both minor concerns but I wanted to note them.

Right on to the good stuff – The parts are
Right arm with map case
Left arm
Pistol holster
Field optical glasses.
The choice of two heads – both he same face and with different headwear choices

One of the head choices is an M1938 steel helmet that was standard issue of the Army of that time. This has a chinstrap around the officer’s neck – the other is a very well sculpted officer’s cap choice. The detail on this is really unfair to the other head choice – as the German eagle and German officer’s symbol along with braiding and the lining on this headwear choice are so fine and well sculpted.

The face is well done and realistic as well, his cheeks are chunky and chin pointy with full lips and delicate ears. His face looks great. There is a little stalk of resin connecting to the casting block which takes some care to remove, as well as a slight line on both of the heads that needs a quick sand as well.

The torso - He is clothed with typical garments of this period. His only decoration is the Spanish Cross, given that, as a young officer, he has only been able to participate in the Spanish Civil War (as yet) surely a stout young figure must have seen a lot more countries in those early war years.
The tunic is a Rock Alter Art or old style tunic. The aluminium cords Indicate That He is acting as adjutant. The trousers are an old model in slate grey with suede reinforcements.  The details of these medals are very nice and fine in this scale and it would be easily picked out in the painting process. The braiding also looks excellent as does the wrinkling on the britches and tunic – just enough detail here and they are not overstated.
You will notice a hole on the soldier’s left hip in which his pistol holster fits into – this keeps it in place when gluing it on. I like it that this and the arm with the map pack are able to be attached separately and some you can show them with a little more detail.

The left and right arms are well sculpted as well – the right has an officer’s map pack with his arm resting on it. This is attached via the use of another notch in the figure’s right hip. The arm (with a detailed gloved hand) sits very well on the torso as well.

The right arm sits by the officer’s side and also included are a small pair of field glasses that attach to the torso of the figure – these might need some straps to make them hang around the neck instead of just sitting on the Adjutant’s chest with no visible means of support.

Here is a close  up of the excellently cast torso

And the figure with the helmet

And now with the officer’s peaked cap

Well that is the contents of the kit -  Whist this kit had a bubble scar and those slight lines on the helmet and the sides of the torso these are minor niggles which can be fixed with no problem. The quality of the sculpt – the detail of the torso and heads (not to mention that there are indeed two head choices) and the body language and feel of this figure really make it stand out – I like it very much. Remember if you like it there will only be 200 made - so get in quickly.

Bravo Diego!

Adam Norenberg

This figure can be purchased directly from Minituras Fortes Website