Monday, July 29

A very popular subject - this object: Object 279 Preview from Amusinghobby in 1/35th scale

Amusing Hobby are well known for making out of the ordinary subjects – now this one would seem to be right in that category – the secret Soviet cold war heavy tank, the Object 279….Apart from the fact that all of a sudden there are two other kits of the same vehicle just announced!
Amusing hobby New Release 2013

1/35th scale Soviet Heavy Tank - Object 279
It seems that this tank has a few features that show up in the CAD images that we have been given – Photo Etched details for the finer details of the hull and the grilles that cover the exhaust and engine ports, clasps and latches

Shown as well is the independent suspension that would give the FOUR sets of tracks to travel separate from each other..
Straps go over the separately moulded fuel tanks as well with clasps..
The large 130mm barrel with be moulded with open slits on the muzzle break
The great thing about Amusing hobby is that they always include a little jig to make the tank track – and of course it was never more important than with this kit!
Well that is all we have right now – it seems that battle between Panda, Amusing Hobby and Tankom who are also releasing this kit  – let the battle commence!

This kit will be available this year - sooner than we thought - through Amusing Hobby's Distributors..