Saturday, July 13

Bronco's latest kits in 35th scale - diverse and due to be popular...

We have a bunch of new announcement shots from Bronco from the Far East – Now we now sure that these kits include the figures featured in the title – so we are expecting both right now - Read on to see what’s on the way…

Bronco’s latest kits in development..

CB35167: Italian light civilian car (hard top) w lady, girl w/dog
Though this is the third development of this tiny car I am sure it will be just as popular as the other two. Added to the car are the lady with her little girl in tow and also a dog for company. Though this kit says that there are no figures inside really I think there are…Its all in the tittle.

CB35066: Hungarian 40M Anti-Aircraft Tank ‘Nimród’
The Hungarian 40M Nimród was a World War II self-propelled AA gun based on a license-built copy of the Swedish Luftvärnskanonvagn L-62 Anti II tank. Armed with a 36M 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun it was intended to be used both as a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and tank destroyer, but it proved to be ineffective against Soviet T-34 tanks. On the eastern front it was primarily utilized against lightly armoured vehicles and for air defence.

CB35143: Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf F (VK18.01)
The Panzerkampfwagen 35(t) was assembled from a framework of steel "angle iron" beams to which the armour plates were riveted. A 4 mm (0.16 in) firewall separated the engine compartment from the crew. It had several mesh-covered openings to allow access to the engine and improve ventilation drawing air in through the commander's hatch. This had the advantage of rapidly dispersing gun combustion gases when firing but several disadvantages. The constant draft generated by the engine greatly affected the crew during cold weather, the danger of an engine fire reaching the crew compartment was increased and the engine noise and heat increased crew fatigue

CB35169: British Airborne Troops riding in ¼ ton truck & trailer
This is another release we are not 100% sure of – as the box says it is without figures but this – the third release of the Jeep from Bronco seems to us to include not only the 8 figure from the British Parachute Regiment  but also the trailer for all of their gear – it would go well with a Horsa glider wouldn’t it???
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