Tuesday, July 16

Diego Fortes creates his own “Little Ceasar”

Diego from Miniaturas Fortes has finished his latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – This time he is following on from Germans and Oliver twist character Fagin  onto his new muse - Edward G. Robinson - Caesar Enrico "Rico" Bandello – from the Hollywood movie  "Little Caesar"

Miniaturas Fortes latest release

“Little Caesar”
Grey resin
1/24 scale / (75mm).
Alternative head choice
Limited edition to 200 figures
Available directly from Miniaturas Fortes Website
Diego from Fortes Miniatures is giving us a variety of figures from all different time periods – This time again something original from the early golden age of cinema in Hollywood – Edward G Robinson’s character of “Little Caesar” from the movie that would make Robinson a household name at the time. A powerful character – and not to mention a great film – I can see this as a powerful influence to make this character.
The pose is from one of the most important parts of the film – and the sculpts face sure does convey the drama of the situation well.

This figure is now available and can be purchased directly from Miniaturas Fortes Website