Wednesday, July 24

Icm give us new weapons - to put the fire out...

ICM has finally released two of the kits we have been most interested in for a while now – the L1500 WWII German fire truck and the Austro-Hungarian weapon set that many people have been wishing for for a while – we thought we would show you the sprues in today’s preview…

Scale: 1:35
-This particular kit is the first attempt by ICM to release a L1500S LLG plastic kit in 1:35 scale into the market
The CAD Drawings…

The kit features:
-A highly detailed chassis, engine and interior
-TSA trailer kit included
-2 versions of markings on the decal sheet included

The sprues available in the kit:

Scale: 1:35
- The set includes plastic kits of WWI Austro-Hungarian infantry weapon and equipment including:
Schwarzlose M1908 and M1912 machine guns, ammunition boxes and belts, Mannlicher M1895 rifles and carbines, ammunition pouches, Steyr M1912 pistols and holsters, knife bayonets and scabbards, trench knifes, 3 types of hand grenades, rifle shields, M1916 steel helmets, respirator canisters and filters, big and small shovels, pickaxes, wire cutters, mess tins, 2 types of canteens.

All of these are now available thru ICM’s Distributors worldwide