Wednesday, July 31

Life Miniature's new master-class - General Douglas MacArthur bust in 1/9th scale Preview

Some manufacturers in the modelling business keep on hitting home run after home run – Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures is one of these small but perfectly formed  model making companies that turns out quality bust after bust – their latest in 1/19th scale is another large personality of the Second World War  and later the Korean conflict – General Douglas MacArthur…
U.N. supreme commander
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
 Item code : LM-B007
60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice
Sculpted and Painted by Sang-Eon Lee
1/9 scale resin bust including 6 parts

One of the most famous generals of the 20th century – a competitor at one time to the US president himself – Douglas Macarthur led a very full life – from the Veracruz expedition to serving in the first world war through his dramatic retreat from the Philippines and his “return”, he was the mas to accept the surrender of the Japanese forces that signalled the end of WWII. He also served as the commander of the allied powers in the Korean war before he was taken from command by the President who was scared of just how far this man would go in the war.
Life Miniatures has announced their release of my 1/9th scale bust to go along with their other wonderful works of historical figures. This time the spotlight is on the U.N. supreme commander Gen. Douglas MacArthur – large pipe and high peaked cap all in place – he comes in six part of grey resin – the head and officer’s cap, the pipe in two parts and torso with small stand as well. This figure was originally going to come with his trademark aviator sunglasses as well – but this plan was shelved at the last minute.

This well decorated and colourful soldier is etched out very well in the sculpt of Sang Eon’s hand – his clothing and the lines on his face are very detailed and lifelike – his painting on this sculpt is amongst the best I have seen from him. It certainly is a very sympathetic hand that painted this figure – he has a great eye..
You can now purchase this bust from Life Miniatures Distributors worldwide.