Sunday, June 30

Review: Eduard's new Brassin Mig-21 Wheels in 48th scale

Most model companies are at a juxtaposition with their kits – an affordable model that sells well or a super detailed kit that sells a lot less but is technically brilliant? Well Eduard It seems has their eggs in both baskets – releasing both a good kit at an affordable price and their new special “Brassin” range of first class resin additions to theirs and other companies kits. After first looking at this aircraft's landing gear today Gary Wickham reviews the latest Brassin wheels for Eduard’s Mig-21 kit in 48th scale...
Eduard Brassin MiG-21F wheels 1/48
Kit No: 648103
1/48 scale
Resin parts: 6
Photo Etch parts: 1 fret
Pre-cut Mask sheet
Designed for Trumpeter MiG-21F kit (02858)
Available from: Eduard directly & most model shops

It seems that every time Trumpeter releases one of their new kits with rubber tires, Eduard comes to our rescue with a set of Brassin Resin replacement wheels. Such is the case this time around for the new Trumpeter MiG-21F kit.

As usual, Eduard supplies us with drop in replacements for the kit plastic and rubber parts for both main wheels and the nose wheel.
The resin parts are molded in a fairly soft, easily cut and sanded light grey resin and the wheels themselves are attached to the casting blocks with very delicate mounting points, making for easy removal and clean up
The detail on the main wheel hubs is a noticeable improvement over the kit parts and the reverse (strut) side of the hub is supplied separately (allowing for easier painting). The fit of the hub once cut off the block into the main wheel is perfect.
A side by side comparison to the kit part shows very quickly what your money is buying you. I am not a fan of rubber tires and I do not really understand why Trumpeter continues to go down this path.
The outer wheel hub in particular is a major improvement over the very basic kit part.
Eduard also provides what appears to be a hydraulic line in PE which is to be glued on the outer hub assembly as seen in the photo of the real thing below
The nose wheel again is provided in two parts and provided lettering on the tire wall and visibly enhanced hub detail on both sides.

As usual the Eduard instructions are clear and precise, printed in color and even downloadable in PDF format from their website should you misplace your hardcopy. When it comes time to paint your wheels Eduard has also provided a set of their very nice pre-cut masks to make that job a little bit easier as well.
In conclusion this is another fine offering from Eduard and a welcome drop in replacement for the Trumpeter rubber tires for those of you like me who are not fans.

Gary Wickham
Thanks to Eduard for this review kit..