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Review: MasterBox 3202: 1/32nd Scale “Pilots of Luftwaffe – WWII Era!”

MasterBox have come thru on a long held promise to 1/32 scale aircraft aficionados. After their first 1/32nd scale kit of WWII aces they have long dallied on delivering a follow-up set in the same scale of more pilots. Hallelujahs all round as we get these - “Pilots of Luftwaffe – WWII Era!”

“Pilots of Luftwaffe – WWII Era!”
Kit No: 3202
Kit type: Injection Moulded (1 sprue in grey)
Figures: Three
Scale: 1/32
Available from:  MasterBox Stockists Worldwide

MasterBox from the Ukraine have released their second set of 1/32 scale figures. These are German pilots and an airman in the one set. There is one sprue in grey injection moulded plastic in the box (with some of the most lovely artwork I must add) anyway these two pilots are getting into their chutes with their Unteroffizier assisting them.

Twenty eight parts of grey plastic with some seam marks on each piece and otherwise no flash and minimal attachment parts or blanks to cut off. The figures and details are well sculpted, details like hands and heads look good and fine while clothing sits very well on the bodies of these Luftwaffe men.
The instructions are on the rear of the box with the sprue map as well – the numbers on the box showing the sprue corresponding to where each part goes. This can get little confusing but concentrate padwan and you can work it out. Building these figures was not hard at all. The parachute straps took some bending and part no 23. -  the ripcord is really delicate and broke on me three times before I thought “I’ll leave this for another time” Overall the engineering of these figures and quality of sculpt is top stuff – a bit of a clean-up and you are ready to paint.

These pilots do not have a “Mae West” on so they cannot be battle of Britain or over sea pilots – they look like they are later war pilots to me.

Let’s have a closer look at these three shall we??

The first Pilot standing up:
This pilot – like his comrade is fastening his ‘chute before a flight and just like his amigo has the choice of two heads – one wearing a flight helmet with round goggles and the other wearing a side forage cap. Both of these heads look good but could do with a little bit of a neck as they sit only just off the shoulders. They do not look odd though as they are looking down at hat they are doing.

This pilot has pockets on his pants and long thick wool lined flying boots and a regular type “backpack” parachute. – This looks exquisite for an injection moulded chute with twisting plastic for the straps it gives a lot of depth to the figure. The straps on the shoulders need a bit of bending to sit flush to the body and hang correctly.

The second pilot bending:
This Pilot really is wrestling his chute as he tries to get it on. He – like his other pilot officer has the choice of two headgear - I opted for the side forage cap on this one though he has the choice of goggled flight helmet again. The chute this time is the “cushion” type – it is nice to see some variation here.
Again I had to do a bit of manoeuvring with the straps over his shoulders but the effort was well worth it as again the straps being off the body brings your attention to the pilot’s action of securing his belt buckle. Thoughtful sculpting here.

The Unterofficer:
This two striped ground support soldier is seen helping his officer into his chute – He looks a little like he is bending over keeping wicket – but his hands are at just the right height to help the second pilot into his “Seat” style chute.
His overalls look very baggy at the legs and quite convincing in the way his baggy clothes fit.
Yes there was a bit of niggling with the straps getting them to sit flush to the body and yes the ripcord really hacked me off as it broke three times – but these figures are very well sculpted, well-engineered and conceived – the only bummer is that we want as many of these in this scale as MasterBox can throw at us. These are much needed – inexpensive and easy to make – this is a great set that is half the price of a comparable resin set – at the least...

And after an hour or two of putting them all together this is what you get…
…And just as important they are just as compelling as well - Well done MasterBox!
Adam Norenberg
Thanks to MasterBox for the review kit