Tuesday, July 30

We get down with the dirt on MENG’s new built up 1/35th scale D9R ARMORED BULLDOZER preview…

MENG has just released another kit from their “Stegosaurus Series “ – the wonderfully looking D9 Armoured bulldozer – there are just so many possibilities of weathering and customisation for this vehicle the mind boggles – well they have made one up already so we thought that we would show you a little of what is possible with this kit.

D9 bulldozer which has been used by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since 1956 is one of the best bulldozers in the world. In October 2003, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) developed an all-new armor protection suite- Daqhpor Memugan- for D9R bulldozers which are heavily equipped in the IDF. This armor suite consists of an armored cab with high visibility as well as protection for engine, fuel & oil tanks and hydraulic and electrical systems.

The D9R bulldozer owns good protection and could even protect against RPG attack after being fitted with slat armor. Light weapons like machine guns can be mounted on the top of the cab for self-defense. It has been proved to be an efficient and durable combat support platform.

This 1/35 scale plastic model kit of D9R armored bulldozer perfectly represents mechanical beauty and weight of the real vehicle. Workable dozer blade and ripper are precisely and accurately modelled; rich cab interior details are provided; door and window can be built in open or closed position; workable track links are included; U.S. Armed Forces and IDF painting schemes are provided.
Total length: 247mm  width: 126mm

This Precise Armored Bulldozer Model Features A Massive Cab. It Looks Strong And Heavy.
The Large Dozer Blade Is Perfectly Represented. It Looks Massive Just Like The Original.
The Large Ripper Is Amazingly Modelled. Its Complex Linkage Exactly Replicates The Original. Modellers Can Strongly Feel Its Mechanical Beauty.
This Model Features The Armored Cab As Per The Original. Rich External Details Are Presented Accurately. The Model Looks Much More Realistic With The Use Of Colored Bulletproof Glass Included In This Kit.
Rich Details And A Movable Hatch Are Reproduced On The Cab Roof Armor.
Unique Running Gear Of This Bulldozer Is Precisely Reproduced. Modellers Can Feel The Charm Presented By The Running Gear And The Workable Tracks.
Detailed Cab Interiors Such As Control Panel And Operating Levers Are Included In This Kit.
Dozer Blade And Ripper Of This Complex Bulldozer Model Are Movable. So Modellers Can View And Even Play With This Model.
This Kit Consists Of Yellow Sprues, Black-Grey Sprues, Two Clear Sprues, One PE Fret And One Decal Sheet.
This kit is available through MENG’sdistributors Worldwide..