Monday, August 5

From the sea comes a bad-ass bunch of Soviet sailors from Miniart and some extra weapons - just in case...

Often feared by the Germans and just as often thrown together from whomever was around to be pushed into action at the time – Soviet Naval troops none the lees served valiantly for Mother Russia during WWII. Now MiniArt – not adverse to replicating Soviet troops has released a set of good looking troops in 35th scale as well as a separate set of weapons to go along with these troops…

MiniArt Forthcoming items

BOX: 260x162x35 mm
The kit contains 154 parts on six sprues of grey injection moulded plastic. 

This box has the miniatures of five figures packed with their weapons with equipment – the quality of which really rivals their cousins made from resin as you will see below by the made up figures – not only do the soldiers have several variations on the clothing they are each wearing but they are laden with helmets, ration bags, water. The officer of the group even carries some field glasses!

The naval troops are mostly carrying different weapons – a pair of PPSH40, an SVT-40 Rifle, Degtyarev DP 27 light machine gun, complete with all their ammo – these guys look like they are ready to do some bad work on the invaders from Germany.

BOX: 260x162x35 mm
This   kit contains 78 parts on four sprues of light grey styrene.

The kit box contains several miniatures of soviet heavy infantry weapons & equipment – these included two heavy wheeled 7.62 x 54 Calibre Maxim M1910 Belt Fed Heavy Machinegun as well as a long-barrelled Degtyarov PTRD anti-tank rifle.

The kit also includes ammo cases, satchels and quite interestingly mine detectors and flags to mark the booby-traps – a nifty little set!
These sets will be available in the near future from MiniArt’s Distributors worldwide