Tuesday, August 13

In Review - Add On Parts 1/35th scale Garbage bins ( type 1)


Who amongst you thought after-market companies just made a lot of Rubbish? Well you may be wrong – ‘cos Add On Parts are making resin parts that clean up the rubbish – in 35th scale no less..

Add On Parts

Set contains three metal garbage bins
11 parts of grey resin
Available directly at this link

 Right now I am making a large scale diorama of a “Panzerwerk” garage with several tanks, parts, tools, men and all the rubbish they accumulate in a workplace – well everyone has one of these places in their home and work – and this is called a bin.

Well I realised I didn’t have a bin – at all for my diorama – then I saw these from Add On Parts – they make several things to littler around your diorama ( pardon the pun) and  these metal rubbish bins looked right up my (dirty) alley.
The bins came in a small plastic container in eleven parts of grey resin. The resin is bubble free and not covered with release agent and not too smelly ( I don’t like really smelly resin) – any way the three bins themselves have tree lids to match and handles – cast in resin to pick them up with.

The lids will need a bit of work to separate them from their casting block – and be careful of how you do it as there could be a split or broken part if you go gung-ho about it
The same goes for the handles – they are tiny and need a lot of careful snipping to remove from their casting blocks. If you don’t go like a bull at a gate you will do alright. If one does break – like happened to me – then just use some wire to make the handle. This in hindsight would be a better option I think.
Here are the pictures from ADD On themselves – as I have not made mine yet -   but you can see that the end result is very detailed and with care you can get all of the kits to work with no problems – just take care.
And that sums it up really – a nice bit of detail and some lovely bins to dump all of your small scale stuff in! A very nice addition to my garage when it finally gets past the drawing board!

Adam Norenberg

Thanks to AddOn Parts for sending us their rubbish (bins) to have a play with!