Friday, August 30

Meng add their high speed “Hornisse” in 48th scale to their line-up

Not satisfied with just a cannon bird Me 410 in their 1/48th line-up, Meng have added the high speed bomber interceptor to their catalogue – we don't have a lot of information as  of yet but thought this was important for the Luftwaffe guys

Warning! High Speed Bombers Are Coming!

MENG LS-003 :
280 plastic parts on 11 plastic sprues
18 PE parts on one PE fret
L263mm and W340mm

After releasing the characteristic Me410B-2/U4 "cannon-bird" kit, MENG now announces a classic variant of Me410, the Me410A-1 high speed bomber kit. With Dr. Messerschmitt’s unremitting efforts and two years of modification, the twin-engine fighter Me210 which had been deemed hopeless by the Luftwaffe was finally evaluated as “good for war” during its test flight in 1942. The latest variant received a new designation: Me410. Luftwaffe found out in combat tests that the speed of Me410 was only a little lower than that of the latest variant of the British fighter Spitfire. Me410 was also good in flight stability. During high speed bombing missions, Me410A-1 was one of the few bombers which could still effectively break through the interception of Allied fighters. Because Me410A-1 was good in fire power, speed and range, it was also deployed to Zerstörer-Geschwader of Luftwaffe for interception and long-range escort missions.
This LS-003 Me410A-1 high speed bomber kit is in the same 1:48 scale as the preceding LS-001 "cannon-bird" kit. This kit consists of 280 plastic parts on 11 plastic sprues and 18 PE parts on one PE fret. Length and wingspan of this model are 263mm and 340mm respectively. Two complete DB603 engines are provided; bomb bay at the nose and the external pylon are precisely replicated; two different sights and corresponding windshields are provided; two different bombs are provided for modellers’ option. Two painting schemes, the standard bomber camouflage painting of 1./KG51 and standard fighter camouflage painting of 7./ZG1, are provided.

MENG’s LS-003 kit will bring you a classic and accurate model of this German high speed bomber.

More on this particular kit when it becomes available from MENG