Thursday, August 8

Preview: Crunchy or smooth? Barracuda want to know how do you like your Tempest wheels?

No this is isn’t a peanut butter question – Roy from Barracuda Studios has brought out some new resin wheels for the latest 1/32 Tempest kits ( make that ANY Tempest in that scale) – he has given us some information and comparison images that pretty much put the older kit parts in the shade….
Barracuda Studios is about to release a whole batch of new products at the IPMS National Convention next week, starting on August 14, 2013.

Here is a sneak peak of two of these new releases. They are not available for pre-order yet, but will be soon. Both are for the new Hawker Tempest Mk V from Pacific Coast Models, but will also work for other Tempest kits, and the second type will work for a few other British aircraft types as well.

BR32124      32" 4-Slot Mainwheels - Smooth Tread        1/32 scale

This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin main wheels with smooth tires as fitted to Hawker Tempest V, series II and later variants, such as the MK II and Mk VI when operating primarily from grass or unimproved airfields. Designed for all 1:32 Tempest kits.
You can see the Barracuda wheels (cream) comparison the the grey kit parts here - ill let you decide (easy choice really) which is better!

BR32125: 32" 4-Slot Mainwheels - Staggered Block Tread  1/32 Scale
This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin main wheels with staggered block tire tread as fitted to post-war Tempests when operating primarily from concrete runways. This wheel was also fitted to all variants of Post-war Fireflies, all variants of the de Havilland Hornet and Sea Hornet, and the mighty, but unpopular, Blackburn Firebrand.

While no kits of these aircraft are currently available in injection, surely someone will take pity on us. These wheels are not, however, applicable to the Hawker Sea Fury, as this was fitted with smaller 30" tires.

More 1/32 announcements will follow tomorrow from Barracuda Studios, with a decidedly American flavour…..