Sunday, September 1

Add on Parts has gas - it's official - and a garage to store it in this September…

Add On Parts  has been really busy – playing with formats it seems and backing themselves to go large on their latest garage set piece – this time a massive 1/35th scale which dwarves the large tank you see here. They also have a bunch of other very worthy stuff we thought we would show you in our preview of September’s just released goodies…

September 2013 Releases from Add-On Parts
Factory Interior
1:35 35-0078
Contains 3 ceramic and 5 resin parts
size: 28 x 28 x 20 cm
This very large three slabs of ceramic is cast to look like the corner of a brick walled garage with a tall door which holds this late war massive paper panzer pretty well.

There are resin parts on offer here as well – a large heavy door to the garage and a power/fuse box with a wide shuttered window are in resin as well as some protrusions to break up the flat wall are also included in resin. This will be really popular.

1:35 35-0077

contains a total of 11 resin gas bottles of 5 different types

Well what to put in your new garage? What about some propane? Well Add-on gives us eleven gas bottles for welding/cutting up your tank in your new garage. There are five different shapes of bottle here for variation with covers on them as well as their regulators.

1:35 35-0064

Contains 4 resin Panzerfausts and 7 resin crates

Like it says on the tin – you will have your own little world beating arsenal with this lot which included the boxes for you to store them in – open or closed

1:35 35-0037-A
Contains 4 resin Panzerfausts and 7 resin crates

Another set of four Panzerfausts in seven crates - these resin kits detail up nicely and would make a great accessory anywhere.

1:87 87-0003 - 
size: 6 x 9 x 13 cm
All of you small scale guys need not be discouraged as Add-on haven’t forgotten you this month -  this set in 87th scale contains 3 ceramic walls, 1 resin windows, 1 resin toilet, 1 resin rooftop, 1 lasercut window, 1 laser cut window-glass. Quite a nice little set which – as you can see – they have made a nice diorama building out of in this a smaller than usual and challenging size. Nice to see some variety in modelling!

This is all available thru Add-On Parts’ webstore as of now!