Wednesday, September 11

Armor Farm has produced a bumper crop of new dio accessories to help you finally finish your kit..

There are lots of places to buy your scenery and dio supplies from – usually they are either on the other side of the world or expensive as whale vomit (look it up it’s dear than gold) anyway we have seen a new place and its got cheap, good quality scenic and modelling supplies – Armor Farm is the name – and we have some of their products to show you…

Armor Farm have filled a gap in the market – they aim to help you finish your model convincingly - after saving for weeks to buy that brand new kit and spent countless hours building it. Then you took great care in painting and weathering it and now that you're done, you're ready to show it to the world. Are you sure that's as far as you want to go with it?
They aim to let you set your work apart from the rest by placing your model into some context with a scenic display base. Military to civilian, real life to science fiction, machinery to figures. 

Here are some of their lines of natural groundwork products and detailed accessories that will bring life and realism to your displayed artwork.

SKU: AF026.
This is the often described style of closed cell foam used in creating chipping effects. This piece will last the modeller a very long time when used sparingly as small tear offs. This isn’t a specially created item designed to magically work, it is simply a product offered to those who cannot find this material anywhere and still requires perfection of the method intended. If you cannot find this style of foam in normal life, this item will help you to realize the effects many modellers can get using this style of foam.

$18 - SKU: AF011
Models medium height weeds and overgrowth. Micro branches provide a dense cover and variety. 3″ X 3″ X 4″ clear PVC box contains enough product for many display bases/vignettes but this of course depends greatly on the size of base and amount of product used.

SKU: AF025. - $12.50
Fairly rigid ‘music wire’ style accessory for most metal tracks. The unique shape allows for a tight fit without the often needed pre-drilling or use of glues. There is enough wire in the pack for many runs depending of course, on the style of track.

SKU: AF016.- 1/35 scale - $7.50
A variety of boxes that accurately model World War II German supplies. See description below for more detailed information. Premium 600dpi laser printed with waterproof ink. Four 4.25″ x 5.5″ sheets of heavy weight paper in a 5″X 7″ ziplock bag

1/35 scale - $7.50
A variety of boxes that accurately model modern beverage supplies. See description below for more detailed information.

SKU: AF008. - 1/35 scale - $18
Models bare trunk and branch system of varying height trees. See description below for more detailed information.

SKU: AF030 - 1/35 scale - $9.50
Completely natural looking ‘Mushrooms’ for use in various scales. Each piece is unique in size, shape and colour with stems of varying lengths. Can be painted if desired to match brightly coloured mushroom types. Enough for use in many applications when used sparingly/naturally.

SKU: AF027 - 1/35 scale - $7.50
One 32″ length of ultra-fine coated steel cable, ideal for winches on military and civilian vehicles. Will hold a taught, under strain shape when used with recovery or Bergepanther/Tiger etc. type vehicles and will actually support vehicles if needed. No fuzzy string effects or need for painting. A wash or pigment can be added to it without any adverse effects.

SKU: AF029 - 1/35 scale - $7.50
Four sheets of many common GI personal items to use in your diorama and vignette settings. Tons of uses and tons of items found in this four sheet package of printables. They include Maps, Candy, Rations, Magazines, Money, Smokes & Comics. More than enough items to last for many, many situations.

Armor Farm’s products are available on the web and check out their Facebook page for more info on what they have coming out