Thursday, September 5

Hk Models – get your credit cards (and the plans for the extension) out,,,

It looks like there is more on the horizon from model makers HK Models, after their success with the B-17 in 32nd scale the biggest worst kept secret is out – new Dornier Do 335 Pfeil ("Arrow"), and Mosquitoes of various marques in large scale to add to the Gloster Meteor MK 4 & the B-17F and E. and the Memphis Belle kits….

After finishing the delivery and shipment of B-17, HK are busy developing new models. 2014 looks like a busy year for them because they might release 3 brand new kits next year. The much loved (especially in the UK) 1/32 Lancaster, and a full range of bomber and fighter plus the coastal command Mosquitos.

HK are planning to release the B-17F and E. and the Memphis Belle kit late in 2014. Here is some preliminary CAD work that is on-going and stressed that this is not the final product.
2013 is not over yet though, and they still plan for a 1/32 Gloster Meteor MK 4 in October and the last of the Mitchell’s – the 1/32 B-25H Gunship, by End of 2013. Hopefully HK will be able to display the detail prototype of both Mosquito and Lancaster at the Telford IPMS in the UK this year as these are British designs.

Dornier Do-335 A-0 (expected 2014 release)
Kit Number: 01E07
Scale: 1:32
Wingspan: about 431mm
Length: about 443mm

The Dornier Do 335 was a fighter aircraft of the German Luftwaffe during World War II. Developed by Dornier aircraft had unusually, each a front engine and rear. The aircraft was the fastest piston engine-driven aircraft in the world at the time of its first flight in 1943. The Dornier 335 took no more active part in the hostilities in World War II in part. By the end of the war, only 28 units of the pre-series (A-0) and 11 of the first production aircraft (A-1) were completed. 50 more machines were already in an advanced stage of construction.

The Do 335 was with her unusual drive a top speed of 730 - reach 770 km / h (depending on version). Another special feature of the aircraft was the ejection seat. The aircraft was officially called the "Arrow" because of its long nose and long-legged chassis design.
These CAD shots are not the final incarnation - we can expect more accurate drawings within weeks

Gloster Meteor Mk. 4 (expected October 2013 release)
Scale: 1:32
Wingspan: 355mm
Length: 394mm

The Gloster Meteor – the first British jet fighter and the Allies' first operational Jet.
The Meteor's development was based on its ground-breaking turbojet engines, which was a joint collaboration between the Gloster Aircraft Company and Sir Frank Whittle and his company, Power Jets Ltd. The Meteor was initially used to counter the V-1 German flying bomb threat; total 14 flying bombs were accounted by the war's end. Meteor might not an aerodynamically advanced aircraft but it proved to be an effective and a successful combat fighter. Thousands of Meteors were built to serve in the RAF and other air forces. It was service during the Korean War, Argentina, French Air Force, and Israeli,

In 1945, two Meteors were modified for World air speed record, Group Captain H.J Wilson create the first official air speed record by jet aircraft of 975km/h.

We are hoping to have the Meteor for a build in September, till then keep tuning in..