Thursday, September 19

Miniart had three new releases - tracked, four-legged, winged & topless kits that should interest some of you out there..

We have three bits of news from Ukrainian model makers MiniArt today – a new large scale “Red Baron”, another new incarnation of the GAZ-AAA truck (topless)  and some hazy but legible pictures of their latest tram on the sprues – three interesting bits for a few modellers out there..

MiniArt September news…

Kit 16032
1/16th scale
Grey styrene
BOX: 290x190x55 mm
This kit contains 30 parts.

This kit will match up with your Udet and Goring released earlier this year – you will have a right old squadron when this series ends!

1/35th scale
BOX: 345x240x70 mm
This   kit contains 600 parts of grey styrene Including a sheet of PE

This kit of the most featured kit in the MiniArt stable sees another incarnation of this hard working Russian built truck – the box contains  a model  of one cargo  truck and  six  figures  with  new  weapons  and  ammo  boxes  w/shells. 

Firstly the truck...

As well as the truck here are the accompanying infantry and crates of shells as cargo.

The colour schemes..
And here it is all built up and painted – a great twist on a vehicle we thought was done!

Styrene kit
1/35th scale
BOX: 345x240x60 mm
 Kit contains 385 parts.

The box contains one tram in styrene and we have some blurry pictures (sorry about the quality but we were sent these) of the test kit of the tram for you so you can see a little more of what is to come
The CAD drawings ….
Check out the MiniArt site for more kits and models from this great manufacturer.